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  • im_stu_how_do_you_do im_stu_how_do_you_do Nov 22, 2000 9:05 AM Flag

    Looky here ----------->

    My wife is about to go off to her day job, and
    I'm home alone with all my posting buddies. It's
    almost time for Stu to rise, AGAIN!!!!!!



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    • will know who president is by Sunday night.

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      • < We will know who president is by Sunday

        LOL! Yeah right!

        Well, sorry folks. I must have
        had this law thing all wrong. After all, the media
        has bent over backwards to convince me that the
        Florida Supreme court is above politics and is one of the
        fairest, most thoughtful, deliberative courts in the
        country. Never mind that they have all been appointed by
        Democrats and are known to be the most liberal �activist�
        state court in the country. Never mind that prior to
        yesterday, they had ruled 100% with the Gore team including
        one ruling they weren�t even asked to rule on. Never
        mind that all of these Democratic favored rulings were
        decided with not a �single� opposing opinion or vote.
        Never mind that they overruled a Democratic Circuit
        Judge with a 7-0 vote. Never mind that this Kangaroo
        court has an 88% decision approval rating from �the
        people for the American way�. For anyone not familiar
        with this org, they are one of the must radical left
        wing organizations in the country that (for one of
        many examples) favor federal enforcement of basing
        employment hiring and college admission on a �strict� quota
        standard based on race, gender and (get this) sexual

        To the media, this Supreme Court, of course, would
        be much different then the "Soviet Commissar" that
        they villainized as a partisan for weeks. I guess the
        Democratic Judge that ruled in her favor was a double agent
        in their minds.

        Did you hear that Broward
        county has denied the request to review the discarded
        overseas absentee ballots. Their reason� �They followed
        the law, thus there is no need for review�.
        <LOL!> They're recounting hundreds of thousands of punch
        ballots, looking for dimpled chads, making up the laws as
        they go, yet they are going to follow the letter of
        the law and toss out votes from our military
        personnel for a reason that was alien to anything under the
        voters control(a missing postmark). These voters did
        �nothing� wrong! What were they supposed to do? Were they
        supposed to postmark their own letter? Absolute madness!
        You have to realize folks, that in the minds of
        zealots, the �ends� always justifies the �means�. The
        �ends� in this case, is electing Gore.

        Did you
        see Al Gore last night? He is actually under the
        warped impression that that he has the power to make a
        deal. He thinks that if he and Bush can come to some
        sort of an agreement, he can instruct the state of
        Florida "Oh, about all of your laws and constitution,
        never mind. We made a deal. We have decided to flip a

        This is the second time he has suggested
        this �DEAL� thing. Is he out of his mind? Does anyone
        else see the arrogance in this? I guess I can�t blame
        him. After all, they have been immune to all laws for
        the past 8 years. Why should he have any respect for
        any law now?

        I still can�t get over the
        arrogance of Gore attempting to make a deal thinking that
        he has the power to bargain and override state law.
        On second thought, who knows. Maybe in the Banana
        Republic of Florida, he does. <LOL>

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