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  • rushlardbutt rushlardbutt Dec 1, 2000 1:27 PM Flag

    Re: (OT) Election, Wash. Post Article

    Sidhe, I would take issue with the author of the
    article and say that it's the Republicans who are seeking
    to burn down the village of democracy. Here's what
    Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg had to say today to Ted
    Olsen, Bush's lawyer:

    "I do not know of any case
    where we have impugned a state supreme court in the way
    you have. ... We owe the highest respect to the state
    court when it says what the state law is."

    Dubya and Jeb are turning Florida into the Bananna
    Republican state. The Jeb/Republican-controlled legislature
    is going to appoint its own slate of electors,
    especially if the Florida courts rule against

    While the Bushies are crying foul about the recount in
    Florida, the Republicans DEMANDED A HAND RECOUNT in New
    Mexico and are currently holding up certification

    Can you say "hypocrisy"?

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    • >Florida's upcoming legislative action wil
      have a bearing on the Florida Supreme Court, just as
      surely as the Federal Supreme court case does.

      What the Florida Supreme Court did was flat out wrong.
      If the US Supreme Court doesn't fix it, the Florida
      legislature damn well should.

      >But of course in
      your bizarre world there's no such thing as checks and

      Ahhh.... try and stay with me..

      Florida Supreme Court violated that checks and balances
      system when they actually *changed* Florida legislation.
      They simply can't do that. In addition they managed to
      tromp on Federal Election law in the

      >When you answer my questions I'll answer yours.

      You can't answer the question because nobody is
      calling for a recession. You have confused the term with
      something else.

    • Learn how to spell numbnuts!

    • i think it already did; it just didn't stay there long.

    • OK! OK! How 'bout that EMC stock? Do you think it'll hit 80 today? :^)

    • Will you two quit shooting spitwads at each other and go to your rooms.

    • >does the governor of Florida have anything to
      do with governing Florida?

      >In this
      instance, we were talking about the Floriday Supreme Court
      case. Please try and keep up.

      The Florida's
      upcoming legislative action wil have a bearing on the
      Florida Supreme Court, just as surely as the Federal
      Supreme court case does. The Florida legislation could
      make the the litigation before the Florida Supreme
      Court totally moot by choosing electors. But of course
      in your bizarre world there's no such thing as
      checks and balances, and the three branches of
      government work totally in a void and have nothing to do
      with each other.

      >>I don't. Do you know
      what a recession is?

      >Oops, you're right!

      >Please answer the question that I asked.

      When you
      answer my questions I'll answer yours.

    • >Here's what Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg

      Justice Ginsberg has long been know to be out on
      the "fringe"...

      Much more emphasis should be
      placed on the questions and comments of the senior
      justices who grilled the Gore attorneys very hard.

      While I didn't think there was a clear winner based on
      the questioning, it was clear that many of the
      justices believed that the Florida Supreme Court
      overstepped their bounds and some seemed quite put off that
      the lower court failed to give proper address to the
      Federal questions.

      >Dubya and Jeb are turning
      Florida into the Bananna Republican state.

      can this be correct? Gore has never lead in ANY
      count. It is GORE that is contesting a valid election

      Like Gore and his supporters, you don't seem to
      care much about facts.. just results.

      • 1 Reply to Stu2j
      • I don't think the US Supreme court is (or should)
        act here. I just can't see it happening. It is going
        to be funny to watch the lefties praising Scalia for
        respecting states rights as he rules in their

        I'm afraid we are heading for a full blown state
        constitutional crisis between the Florida Supreme court and
        state legislature. From what I have been reading of the
        courts ruling history, it has been a long time coming.

        There is a balance of power here and the FL Supreme
        court seems to think of themselves as a monolith. It
        was brought up by (of all people) Justice Kennedy.

        �You say the Florida Legislature now has no role. You
        now say this court has no role. That means the
        Supreme Court of Florida is it,� Kennedy said.

        we are heading down this terrible road, but the
        state branches are going to have to knock heads. This
        really is where it "must" be resolved.

        It's going
        to get ugly from here folks. As a country, our
        character has allowed us to successfully navigated through
        these same types of obstacles and roadblocks for over
        200 years. But, this year the steering in our vehicle
        isn't working all to well and If we fail to get back on
        course and resolve this by next Tuesday, I'm afraid the
        wheels are going to start falling off.

    • Your statements and opinions are bullshit. Bush
      is the one showing the class in this situation, and
      Gore is showing his mongrel-in-the-woodpile heritage.
      It's always "my way or the highway" from Gore. What a
      lesson to Americans...beware of what you want, for you
      may get it...especially you Gore voters.

      • 1 Reply to bobbobwhite
      • Yup, the incredibly shrinking Dubya is showing
        lots of class. Especially when he denigrates the
        Supreme Court of the state whose governor is his brother.
        And when Jeb signs into law next week Florida's
        Banana Republican legislation for his brother's
        electors, defying the will of the people of Florida, that
        will be really classy. Do I look forward to

        As far as "beware of what you want", that applies to
        Bsuh voters too. Everyone beleives we're headed
        towards a recession, and if Bush wins the presidency it's
        gonna be called a Bush recession, fairly or unfairly.
        If Bush is lucky the recession will end early in his
        term; otherwise he's a one-termer, just like Poppy.

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