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  • swampy_01532 swampy_01532 Feb 26, 2001 4:29 PM Flag


    ays done, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer

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    • sense out of a program that makes no sense.

      <Why is it that payment to social security stops at the upper end of the middle class's payroll?>

      There is a limit to the amount of benefits one can receive, so there is a limit to the amount one should pay. This was not supposed to be a welfare program, it was supposed to be a retirement subsidy.

      It has become a sham and another hidden way to raise general government revenue. It has been that way since the SS reform act of 1965 which made the Soc Sec trust fund available for general budget purposes. We have been running Soc Sec surpluses since which have been stolen and used for other general budget purposes.

    • has bottomed.

    • Don't be stupid. Set up your estate into a trust, instead of having a will.

      Now go to a lawyer, or find someplace else to bitch about politics. American politics is a "moron trap", designed to keep America's nutcases busy arguing about stupid things, while the fat cats get rich. Wake up!

      That's why they are always on the msg bds about stocks. No sane person will discuss politics, so they come here and talk with the emotionally dysfunctional investors!

    • "and as for using Buffet's name to support you claim, you have used the wrong one. He is a true draconian, he intends to leave everything to charities,and learning institutions, and not to grandchildren". > And that should and is HIS choice. That should not be the governments choice. My husband and I work hard for ourselves and we would like to leave our estate to our children and our grandaughters. Some will go to charity, but of MY choosing please.

    • Have you ever hear the term "tax shelters". Why is it that payment to social security stops at the upper end of the middle class's payroll? And as for using Buffet's name to support your claim, you have used the wrong one. He is a true draconian, he intends to leave everything to charities, and learning institutions, not to grandchildren.

    • I dont know what to say,here I am at 26 and didnt realize people thought like you,I had heard some did but certainly not in America.Learn something every day.

      BTW your thinking is so flawed if you feel this country is the greatest in the world.We were successful because we were different then the Spains or Norways or Germans,even Japan.Free markets with low taxes will always bring in more tax dollars then stifled markets with hi tax rates.You truly rage against the storm.Goodluck

      If anyone is watching the stock is getting dumped on heavily so be cautious,seemingly endless stream of 25k to 50k blocks on the ask.Course its gotta end eventually.

    • My best advice for you is, get a job and you too can pay taxes. After all with your pea brain thinking, all money belongs to the government. You sir are the moron!

    • The rich are mostly business owners and employers who can't expand their businesses because Dumbocrats have been overtaxing them for 45 years. The average tax return of the "rich" is actually the return of a business they own. A business they can't expand because of taxes. Time for another Boston tea party. I suppose you work for a poor person right? We all know it is poor Dumbocrats who provide all the jobs. Wealth is created. wealth is not a pie to be split up.
      Gee, is it any wonder that the wealthy are the ones who create the wealth? dumb dumb dumbocrat !

    • for the most part, the rich earn their money.

      The poor simply live off the rich because they are too lazy to get a life. They have the same opportunities as the so-called rich!

    • If becoming rich is what you aspire to, then get after it. Plenty of opportunity to get rich in this country with good ideas and hard work. Or sit on your ass and complain. It's YOUR choice.

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