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  • market_crash_2001 market_crash_2001 Mar 16, 2001 1:47 PM Flag

    STOCK Manipulation (Yes/No)?

    I would like to get other's view on this.

    For last last few days, I've been closely monitoring EMC's minute-by-minute movement compared to others.

    I have notice that EMC moves opposite to market condition. This mornig for example, NAS rally a bit and NTAP spiked but emc stayed flat. When various other stocks are flat, emc goes up. Another observation for those of you with minute by minute charts, have you notice how it trickles down, but spikes up?

    I can only concur that someone with big money is manipulating this stock to keep it high. For example, when other stocks are going up fast, this one barely moves because the big boys stop buying to let others in. This is good setup to sucker in new people, or why else would this happen?

    Any thoughts? NO spam please.

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    • There is no doubt in my mind the entire market is manipulated and we are the fools. The brokerage houses decide what happens and our money is just out there for them to skim.

    • you have given us food for thought. Heres another thought. Why is EMC agresively getting into the NAS market? You could say that they are trying to diversify their busi., I would disagree. If that were true they would have done it a long time ago. IMO the reason they are doing so is because that is the more reliable, less expensive overall solution for storage and customers are going that route in these economic times.

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