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  • LETTHE_BIGDOG_EAT_1 LETTHE_BIGDOG_EAT_1 May 11, 2001 10:41 AM Flag

    Re: Glad you understand cash flow!!

    It is great to see such great accountants who can read a cash flow statement. EMC's last three years generated 4.450 billion in cash from operations and used 4.309 billion on investing activities. Now they will buy back some of their own shares for investing. They have 2.1 billion in long term investments.
    Come on now and learn to read the financial statements. You guys really make me laugh at your stupid comments, it really shows your short comings in the investment world.
    How do you people gather your investment knowledge?

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    • as of today compared to 65 million on 11/1/2000. The pressure is building for that tremendous amount of sidelined money to flow back in. Investors are getting less and less interest on their money funds as the Fed contiues cutting and the economy is recovering so we are setting up for the biggest bull run ever. ohh and let's not forget that Tax cut.

    • 2:00PM ET By's calculations, fed funds futures are now pricing in a 44% chance for a 50 basis point rate cut.

      The market is pricing in a more than 1/2 chance that the Fed will cut only 25bps.

    • BIGDOG... Now that you figured out that the company can afford to buy their own shares, let us all know WHEN they do it. If its such a great investment, according to the insiders, why haven't they purchased some for themselves?

      Want to bet they buyback a token amount to show the world what confidence they have. Same old story. Every time a company is in trouble, they announce why they see it as a bargain.

      Bottom line --- Talk Is Cheap. Show Me The Beef.

      How do you gather YOUR investment knowledge? Did you buy only recently, to get in on this wonderful stock price, or did you buy way up there? I was told over 6 months ago that the macro economy doesn't matter. Do you feel like STU felt? Long and Strong.

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