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  • enttrustme enttrustme Aug 8, 2001 4:16 PM Flag

    Question about Sun for EMC holders

    Why was the Sun deal new news? That deal was in the works over a year ago before ANCR was bought out by QLGC. The way the announcements came today, you'd think it was a brand new deal. Actually Sun delayed this deal months longer than they ever should have.

    I'm a prospective EMC buyer and was also considering SUNW even before this announcement. Any thoughts on who is the better buy at these levels?

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    • Actually, Sima has been around this board much longer than Market. He seems to have a job with IBM, so he has lots of time to post and has the FUD routine down. Objectivity would not be his strong suit either.

    • Ziipers
      Looks as HP does not really mind.
      Nora Denzel (Who happen to be a very bright lady ) HP VP marketing Storage, is not really concerned about that.
      Same question would be how does Dell feels that Compaq is selling MS Software...
      Both HP and Sun have in hand their own entry systems, the HDS agreements solved a storage
      consolidation issue when multi paltforms (Including 390) are involved.
      The reason why EMC is no longer there is mainly because both HP and Sun found it hard to accept that their endusers are all of sudden managed by EMC arrogants...(Several CEOs and CFOs where
      approached by EMCs reps...)
      No doubt it is a tough time to EMC...I have interviewed few 390 large sites IT directors in AP and in most cases they said that as long as EMC's reps are not around , they are able to plan and manage their businesses...And that's where HDS and IBM's Shark are eating EMC's lunch.
      Quite simple I guess....

    • You know, what I like about this market is that
      due to facts that idiots like you are around,
      I happen to make a hell of a lot of money out of EMC shares....
      Keep going.... (Only no x-mas presents in your case....)

    • I still think EMC is better. I developed interface storage products that interfaced
      to Hitachi storage products years ago. I was not impressed. Their software interface was poorly designed. Their hardware design was alos illogical.
      You will hear all sorts of marketing
      hype from EMC and Hitachi to support their side.
      This move by Sun
      seems to be pure desperation. EMC designs hardware and software. They will find it easier
      to develope a more integrated solution. It is very difficult and expensive for two companies to work together. It just is an added expense. Therefore, I vote for EMC.

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