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  • Manuel_Dexterity Manuel_Dexterity May 11, 2000 7:44 AM Flag

    Annual Meeting Report - 2/3/40 !

    I agree but it depends on the Board if they are
    strong and aware of what is going on.

    What is
    your take on the expansion into retail, I am new to
    this sector and am curious why they want to


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    • Why are we expanding? Because in the market that
      I am in we are making very good profit margins and
      we have the upper hand in cost cutting techniques. I
      would be hard pressed to find a HY-VEE store in our
      city that even comes close to our bottom lines. Sure,
      they have more volume than we do. Their top line is
      bigger but when it comes down to the bottom line we are
      much more successful. I think that our top management
      recognizes this and the fact that we can stick it out when
      the competition hits the fan. (i.e. super centers). I
      truly believe that super centers such as Wal-Mart and
      K-Mart will only help us by driving away our high volume