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  • maxb3535 maxb3535 Jul 12, 2001 12:13 AM Flag

    Any ideas about tomorrow??

    Good news? You have got to be kidding me. You have been listening too much to CNBC. Nevertheless, there will be a ramp up tomorrow. It will start to fade next week and get ramped back up for options expirations. After that who the hell knows.

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    • First of all, learn how to read! I said the news was decent, not good. And I say again, that the Microsoft revenue number was decent. And yes I do watch CNBC but, at the same time don't get fooled by all the hype. I know as well as anyone that we are far from having this tech malaise finished but, a turnaround has to start somewhere and having some "decent" news and confirming guidance is better than continuously lowering guidance. Could it be that you are just upset because you are short and we have a decent rally being set up today?

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      • The problem is that even terrible news is being spun to make it appear 'decent'. YHOO makes a penny, but has a revenue decline of 33%. MSFT loses 3.9 billion and MOT loses less than what was expected and this is decent news? I'm sure somewhere on TV they are spinning the unemployment number today to be something it isn't. It is the spin that bothers me. and BTW I have been both long and short CLS. I currently do not have a position in it.

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