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  • rkododge rkododge Dec 24, 2012 8:33 PM Flag


    dnp has consistently paid a very profitable dividend yield for past 25 years.
    the price has remained between $7 - $11 share.where else are you going to
    get 7-8 % yield ??
    i will continue to buy on dips.and continue to hold and collect
    my monthly dividend checks.
    good luck all.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Ah yes, it's days like today (big down market) thet make you glad you're holding DNP. It barely budged. Rock solid dividend hasn't missed a monthly beat in 26+ years since inception; divs reinvested at a 5% discount to market; Morningstar Silver 4 star rated; recent share offering funds used 100% to pay off preferred shares-exactly as they said, and theyre up ~8%. Shares bought this year on dip to $9 are up ~14%.
      You losers and psuedo-shorts that bad-mouth DNP need to stop your whining and get on board. I will have a nice retirement check on divs alone, and my kids can have the shares. What's not to like?

    • BEST Savings account I ever had.
      Of course there are times to take profits...
      and times I missed buying Ops....
      #$%$ care?! Stay vested and collect the $$$$.

      To these 'Tards posting "Sell" messages, #$%$ #$%$ holes.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • The NAV return for 10 years has been 4.10%.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • I don't see where you got that number. Morningstar gives a 10-yr annualized return for NAV as 12.86% through 02/08/2013. I believe they calculate this assuming reinvestment of distributions.

      • Hi, first time poster, long time listener. I'm very stupid with the market. I really do not know what I'm doing. Scottrade helps me very well with my stupidity. I'm a small time investor. However, I'm breaking over even since the 2008 disaster. I'm ahead of the game currently. Here's my question, I've been in and out of DNP for a few years. Got in low, rode it for a while, got the divy's and sold when I thought the market was going to the hounds. Caught DNP at a 52 week low recently, it's up nice for me, and still get the div's. Many say it's ROC, however, I have received the dividend and sold at a profit in the past. So, why is a ROC viewed by so many as being a "bad" thing? Thanks for your time.

    • Chasing yield is never smart! You need to understand that a good portion is that great dividend is your own money coming back. DNP has never faced a situation before that it now faces. Watch out if or should I say when interest rates start rising. Then the market value if it's portfolio is really going to drop. Avoid this coming disaster!

      Sentiment: Sell

    • But, be aware that those monthly "dividend" checks are not all dividend. A significant portion is not dividend, but a return of capital.

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      • Let’s put some numbers to this ROC issue. In 2011 the Sec 19(a) notices indicated that 15.6% of distributions was ROC. After yearend this was recharacterized as 3.4%, which is the true ROC for 2011. For 2012 the Sec 19(a) notices estimate a ROC of 18.5%. We’ll soon see if the recharacterization knocks that number down as much as it did last year.

        A Sep 2012 Morningstar analyst report on DNP says: “In its 12-year history, it has used return of capital in only three fiscal years to supplement distributions; and each time, by our calculations, it has never been destructive.”

        I bought DNP last month, and will hold it as long as I can continue to ride it up.

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