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  • makuzagrande makuzagrande Jun 8, 2006 10:39 AM Flag

    Say This 2 Underwriter Collectors

    When Vonage or the underwriters call or email you asking whether you will pay, here's a possible answer.

    "I understand that there are four class action suits filed against Vonage and the underwriters. Until those complete I won't be able to determine my liability. As it stands right now, it appears that was purported to be Vonage IPO DSP participation, turned out to be attempted robbery. Being an unwilling potential victim, I won't be paying for the allocation. And if I detect any negative impact on my credit report, I will have a personal injury attorney use that damage and sue you when the class action suits are settled. In the mean time, please mail me a copy of all documents that have my signature, and also a copy of your compliance department approved new customer/brokerage account form, that complies with NASD Rule 2310. Goodbye"

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    • Why not just say, "You and Vonage can go f*ck yourself. What a bunch of crooks!"

      It's shorter and easier to remember.

    • so some will complain to the ftc sec nasd nyse and the fbi or join class action suits

      so f*ing what

      we have tom ridge and he will color code your ass as a deadbeat

      vonage with the ipo funds received can weather any law suits government oversite and all the renegs

      in the mean time get a life

      all praise citron

    • Or you could say "I wish I hadn't bought into such a turkey would you mind pretending I didn't please?"

      Take it on the chin! I've never heard such rubbish in my life. I don't think anyone would be giving anything back it VG was like $25 right now.

      Face it 11.50 at the end of the weeek, then 10.00 a week later then 9, 8, 7 etc. This might even go into the pennies.

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