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  • chrisgilday chrisgilday Sep 5, 2006 11:00 AM Flag

    why no commercials ?????????

    can they grow without them ?????????
    that would be nice

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    • Laugh if you may, but I still have yet to hear from you a good rebuttal to my argument.

      Your insults and mocking in response to my counters only indicates to me that you got nothing.

    • Oh then you hear to learn , If you are a student sit back and watch , I doubt anyone would want to learn from a STUDENT . your really too funny . YOu should work for Comedy Central


    • Ah, that's where you are wrong. I have already explained why even if I would not be long on this stock that I would not short it either. Never have I indicated that a big collapse is coming. If you read my message carefully, you would read that I would not claim to know if and when a collapse is coming. I am merely pointing out one way in which the IPO debacle should be factored into one's cost/benefit analysis of whether to buy this stock or not. And I repeat, I think the IPO mess serves a good window into the priorities of this management, and I do not think that the interests of shareholders and customers are at the top.

      From following this stock and looking and debating on this message board since the beginning, I have already profited a lot. You can't learn any of this stuff from just reading books or going to classes.

    • Not really angry ......Just want you to put your money where your mouth is . Are you interested in MY Broker Lending stock to short then ? IF as you say big COLLAPS is comming then why don't you want to profit on that . Are you here to SAVE everyone .LOL . You really need to find a religion then to tout !. haha

    • Perhaps I did make an assumption regarding IPO buyers as being "screwed", but I personally think that the assumption that "unrecoupable losses" (what you said) falling under the category of "screwed" is not terribly big of a stretch. It's because of the IPO debacle that we have an even clearer picture of the risks involved in putting money on this management. Even if the IPO buyers didn't know better, I would hope that prospective buyers in the future would at least take heed of this.

      But just because being long on a stock is not a good idea does not necessarily mean that the stock is a good short candidate, either. Even if I believe that the current price of VG is not justified, it's hard for anyone to say when, if at all, the market will correct for it. I would not even begin to make the claim that I know when and if a big collapse in PPS is coming. So as for your puts, sorry, not interested.

      Angry aren't we? Is it because my argument is that difficult to refute that you need to revert to personal attacks on me? I guess even the king isn't above playground antics.

    • I don't know if they were screwed . HOW .....I.... do not know ....... Those who paid choose to asume the risk of buying stock like anyone who invests in the market . If you want me to sell you puts ...Just let me know I have plenty of stock to LEND! Just post your email address so I can contact you about which options and puts you would like to buy . I will assess the beta and write your f-in puts ass. Put you f-in money where you bis ass mouth is.

    • <<Please tell me how VG will force cust who asked for IPO shares and did not pay for them..... force them to cut a check? >>

      VG did say they will go after those that did not pay. How I do not know. And let me ask you this: what about those that paid?

      But what you ask here is a moot point. You have jumped around the meat of my argument. What is still fact and what you even you can't deny is that both customer and shareholder has been screwed right at the beginning. I ask you, does this bode better better or worse for the future? It is very clear to me that management does not hold the interests of customers and shareholders as a priority, and this doesn't bode well for current or future customers and buyers of shares. This is one BIG red flag that would make me very wary of vonage shares. The fact that you would counter with a moot point instead of addressing my main point indicates some level understanding of this big risk.

    • Please tell me how VG will force cust who asked for IPO shares and did not pay for them..... force them to cut a check?

    • I don't watch much TV, so I can't say if there are less commercials now-a-days... but assuming the original poster is correct that they are advertising less, I have a hunch as to why.

      Perhaps Vonage is waiting until after election season for another round of intensive commercials. My guess is commercials are more expensive during election season as demand for them is greater. They can save some $$ while waiting for the prices to drop back down to normal.

    • They have grown by 400,000 customers this past quarter and lost $74 million in the process.

      The commericals are stil on , but they are on CNBC and the Food Channel at about 1am.

      VG has blown through it's marketing money faster than Michael Jackson at Disney Land.

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