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  • kg2931 kg2931 Jan 31, 2013 5:12 PM Flag

    Question: Is VG primarily for land line phone customers?

    Can VG work with Cell phones? Are there problems or reasons why it's not practical or economical to use VG with mobile applications? I seriously don't know. I'm just an investor, never been a VG user.

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    • kg2931, the CEO just dumped 491,000 shares. Vonage generates virtually no money from its pathetic mobile cellphone platforms and yes, there are technical, competitive, and marketing issues which prevent cell mobile from becoming a major source of revenue. There are reasons why it's not practical or economical to use VG with mobile applications. You are just an investor. You say you seriously don't know so I am telling you. I am not interested in talking about your question any more because you are not serious. No one here is. Now I'm done answering your disingenuous question. If you want more details, contact Investor Relations.

    • Why can't anyone answer this overly simplified question above? I'm a cell phone user, haven't had a land line in over 5 years and have no need for one going forward. So, what's so troubling/Infantile about the question?

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      • The question is not wrong. Even if you were asking disingenuously as some purport, it is relevant and might apply to someone first visiting this topic who is unaware (caught unawares)...

      • kg2931, you are asking a reasonable question.

        Vonage customers are primarily those who are switched their landlines to Vonage as an alternative. Hence the phrase, "Fire your phone company..." Oh wait, that's Magic Jack.

        Many Vonage customers used to use a cable company i.e. digital phone with Internet, and got bundled. Hence the phrase, "Don't get bundled; switch to Vonage".

        Most who use Vonage leave an incumbent phone company like AT&T, Verizon, the former BellSouth, etc. Most use Vonage at home in addition to or in place of a wire line.

        There are other services Vonage offers. In this brief answer to you I am not discounting these as irrelevant by not detailing them. Read Vonage's 10K for endless details.

        I will be discussing Vonage more in the coming days. Stay tuned and have a good weekend.

    • Oh, so now I get the idiot VG investor of the year award because I admit to losing track of this old investment and thus "serioulsy don't know" the answer to my questions above? If I'm so stupid, why doesn't someone here enlighten me? kg

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    • I don't know because I don't own a cell phone or need one. You want to get hold of me you need to call my landline. I found it to be the most economical way to go.

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