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  • djhmk2 djhmk2 Feb 7, 2013 10:24 AM Flag

    Over $3.00 target by Extreme Value

    Earnings mat be the key to a rapid pop.

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    • I'd like to hear that DIRECTLY from VG PR or ANYTHING directly from anyone there, but that's not their style. They KNOW HOW to issue a "formal"press release,...they do it EVERYTIME the share price gets around $2.50, and it's always NEGATIVE, and SURPRISE....the SP drops like a rock.

      Otherwise, they prefer to say NOTHING for 3 months at a time until just before the 1/4 ly report. Then it's an single, obscure, ambiguous, almost say nothing just to show they can fog a mirror type press release to justify the existence of supposed marketing and PR dept for the previous 3 months of NOTHING. Any news that might be good is relayed here by a newbee poster. Is that poster the actual entire PR dept ? They sure do MORE even for what little it is.

    • You must be new here to believe that.

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      • Jake!
        Are you sure you are not "flipocrat" from UTSI message board?You sound and act exactly like him:always complaining but has no guts to sell.For people like you If not VG or UTSI there will always be another holding to bash and hold.It doesn't matter what it is AAPL,FB,NFLX or any other "wall street darling".
        Think about how much pain you have to endure before it's all over.Or will it be ever over?I'm afraid not unless you find enough honesty to resolve this internal conflict.
        Man!I truly feel sorry for you.

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