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  • dgroves0 dgroves0 Feb 8, 2013 10:30 AM Flag

    Are you going to believe the Bashers, or your own lying eyes?

    9 months ago, Vonage PPS was $1.70

    6 months ago Vonage PPS was $2.08

    3 months ago Vonage PPS was $2.26

    TODAY Vonage is $2.44

    Where will Vonage be in 3 months?

    Are you going to believe the Bashers, or your own lying eyes?

    Are you going to believe the Bashers, or the facts?


    Higher Revenues

    More customers

    Higher profits

    More Cash Flow

    Lower debt

    More Partnerships

    More products

    Geographic Expansion


    Vonage has something their competition doesn't have - a quality product, that works with Mobile, on their own carefully crafted network, International rates that are free or very low cost, more free cash flow than their main competitors have revenues, New patents, that are all part of connecting ALL of your devices to seamless communications.

    As Far as Jeff Citron selling shares, he filed with the SEC over 3 years ago that he was going to be selling a very minor part of his HUGE holdings, so far he has made a very slight dent in his holdings.

    His dependents sell when PPS is over $2.50, He sells when PPS is over $2. When this last moved up from $1.70 to $5.25, this sale plan was in effect. IOf anybody is investing here and didn't know about these saplanned sales, they should probably be investing in their mattress.

    Why would anybody with any common sense whine about something that has been common knowledge for over 3 years?

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    • drgroves, you left one GIANT fact out of your analysis.... the CEO dumps almost half a million shares just days before all the greatness you claim is about to happen. We all know Jeff's history of selling. But, you completely or conveniently ignored the CEO's huge dump. You have zero credibility to claim only positives and leave out this monumental negative fact. In fact you have never, ever, posted one negative fact. Maybe you are Mark Lefar himself.

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      • THE CEO IS ON AN ANNOUNCED SALE SCHEDULE. What don't you get? As long as PPS is over $2, he will sell from his account on three days during the first full week of the month. As long as PPS is over $2.50, He will sell from his dependents accounts on three days during, the third full week of the month.

        There is NO CHANGING THAT, unless a new filing is presented to the SEC

        THE GIANT FACT is you are either clueless, or you are deliberately trying to fool the less knowledgeable.

      • dgroves is not Lefar. Lefar would not be so stupid as to post himself. The posts are of a source well removed from the string pullers.

        IMHO, those who post messages under the names "dgroves" and "onanges" work for or are contracted with one or more third party organizations that are under an independent contract to an agent of a company or manager under the VG umbrella. It's untraceable and there's no accountability to any insider for what is posted.

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