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  • longterminvestor212 longterminvestor212 Feb 8, 2013 12:25 PM Flag

    Maybe Lefar Wants to Leave; 95 insider sales in last 12 months; what's in the books?

    When you know a company can't produce, selling the snake oil gets old and tired.

    CFO leaving.
    CMO left (twice).
    Insider Sales by: Founder, CEO, Director of Customer Service and International, Directors (plural), Chief Legal Officer and Secretary
    Insider Buys on open market: 0 (3 months) 0 (12 months)
    Number of Shares Insider Sold: 3,032,702 (3 months) 5,009,500 (12 months)
    Number of Insider Sell Trades 36 (3 months) 95 (12 months)
    Poison Pill prevents bids.
    Chairman is lifetime banned by the SEC

    It's been suggested and I'm also starting to wonder: What's in the books that insiders don't want anyone to know???

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    • Sure.... If you basher(s) were in his place, YOU wouldn't sell a single share to diversify - NOT ONE SHARE.

      Get real.... at the current rate of automatic sales, it would take him OVER A DECADE TO SELL OUT.

      Over the last 12 months, insiders sold (NET) about 1% of the TOTAL OUSTANDING SHARES!!


      Whiners and basher(s) think insiders SHOULD NEVER SELL THEY would never sell.
      Yeah, that's the ticket.

      Good luck to all good people.

    • To those who are upset at VG CEO Lefar, just remember that the negative sentiments being expressed has denied the selling CEO a higher sales price. I'm happy Lefar sold, especially if it indicates he's thinking about leaving Vonage.

    • To the SEC: from shareholders of VG.

      We think a Bernie Madof type is running this company and is milking it dry contrary to ethical SEC conduct.

      We are RUBBING YOUR NOSE IN IT PUBLICLY so you can't PRETEND you weren't TOLD ABOUT IT .

      PLEASE investigate them. Look at the books to see where the money goes, who is buying/selling and who is behind the BLATANT manipulation that is keeping the price down.

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