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  • jasiop jasiop Mar 10, 2013 11:28 PM Flag

    Misinformation campaign has started

    "Stocks up for week; S&P near record-high close"
    Public will be subjected to this kind of misleading messages for some time.The truth is that S@P500 is having third attempt to breach 1600 level since spring of 2000.Why this distinction is so important?
    Because stock market is suppose to go up on average 10% per year.Doesn't it?
    Well,not quite.Study so called secular market trends you will have better understanding what stock market is all about than 80% of so called "experts".The implications of having this knowledge is truly enormous.
    Six years ago we had similar calls and almost everybody jumped on "bandwagon",while handful well informed investors either sold their holdings or established short positions.
    Is it this time around different market?
    In my opinion yes and if I'm correct we should expect close to 20%/year S@P500 appreciation for next decade or so.But I wouldn't be able to make this prediction based on "tee leaves" strategy.

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    • "Wall Street edges up, S&P 500 at highest level since Oct 2007".
      Another example of "irrational exuberance" gaining momentum but the bottom line is this.S@P 500 has to move up another 100 points or so to be within secular bull territory.That's long,long way.Do you think permabears are going to give up without fight? They are accustomed to winning for last 13 years.

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      • "Major stock indexes have never been higher"-from major news media today..
        Here's my interpretation:S@P500 is in the same spot as it was 13 years ago.This is how you got rewarded for taking market risk. You would be 20% behind everybody who kept money during those years in no risk account/money market/. Permabulls are fully awaken and in charge again.

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