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  • pac257 pac257 Aug 20, 2013 1:07 PM Flag

    WARNING: Basher Poison

    I (CONSERVATIVELY) calculated that 10 subscribers per Walmart per MONTH would yield 108,000 subscribers every month based on Walmart having OVER 10,800 stores world wide. That's 324,000 subscribers per quarter.

    It turns out that BasicTalk is only sold in 3,700 Walmart stores (SO FAR) with expansion to the remaining 7,100+ Walmart stores VERY LIKELY considering the explosive success of BasicTalk for both Vonage and Walmart. Just 3,000 BasicTalk subscribers per day = 270,000 subscribers per quarter. All that from ONLY 34% OF WALMART'S STORES (SO FAR).

    Now if only 3,000 BasicTalk subscribers CURRENTLY activate per day (about $8 million dollar growth in revenue per quarter) from only 3,700 Walmart stores (approximately .81 subscribers per store per day) then at Walmart's OVER 10,800 there would be 8,748 subscribers activating per day (about $24 million dollar growth in revenue per quarter). That's 787,320 new subscribers per quarter. That would be A 33% SUBSCIBER INCREASE IN 1 QUARTER.


    NOTE: We ain't even talking BRAZIL yet.

    Seeking article:

    Vonage Is A Buy: Target Price $5.40 End Of The Year.
    Aug 11, 2013

    "According to our estimates, Vonage is adding about 3000 new subscribers every day via the basic talk plan. This amounts to about 8 million dollar growth in revenue per quarter."

    Good luck to all good people.

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    • Pac, although I'm impressed and gain much knowledge of my VG investment, I must say I've never seen anyone post so many msg's one right after another trying to sell VG. It appears excessive and perhaps counterproductive for you and all of us that would like to see all of your good info have a better chance of succeeding/reaching investors. My two cents. Take a break! You might try toning down for a while, regroup and then come back more effectively. kg

    • Nothing much MAY HAPPEN while the Institutional buyers KEEP BUYING and the SHORTS KEEP COVERING and Vonage KEEPS BUYING BACK SHARES and Cramer LOADS UP....

      Unless, as most already anticipate, these things start to take place:

      1) They announce MORE new PARTNERS.

      2) They announce MORE Brazil type deals.

      3) They announce MORE new MUST-HAVE Apps.

      4) They announce MORE new exclusive disruptive patents.

      5) They announce ACQUISITIONS OR MERGERS.

      6) More analysts JUMP ON THE BANDWAGGON and UPGRADE Vonage.

      7) BasicTalk subscribers numbers RISE EVEN FASTER.

      8) Unseen positive steps by managment are revealed.

      9) ALL OF THE ABOVE.

      However, if ANY or ALL of the above happens BEFORE next earnings:

      Fasten your seatbelts..... MASSIVE S-Q-U-E-E-Z-E

      Good luck to all good people.

    • Isn't it curious (Yeah, that's the ticket) that ALLEGED LONGS with CONTRARY BEHAVIOR DISORDERS rush to each others aid over their desperate attempts to both badmouth Vonage (their ALLEGED stock) and me posting FACTS they can't refute.

      All WHINERS have is THUMBS DOWN for an arguement.


      Good luck to all good people.

    • For those who can't see the potential in Vonage's superior Apps with FREE SERVICES AND RATES that other VOIP competotors can't match, let's review:

      1) Nobody else has FREE Apps with EXCLUSIVE PATENTED TECHNOLOGY as good as Vonage.

      2) Nobody else is monetizing Apps any better than Vonage.

      3) Vonage doesn't HAVE TO MONETIZE their Apps - they are CUSTOMER ACTIVATION MAGNETS.

      4) As more people jump to VOIP, Vonage's popular Apps will make them think VONAGE VOIP 1st.

      5) Skype's = Large registration base, but very small fee DOES NOT generate much money. That's why they sold out to Microsoft for $8.5 BILLION. Not to mention poor voice quality and 30% HIGHER RATES THAN Vonage.

      6) Skype's $8.5 BILLION selling price and making less profit than Vonage demonstrates AGAIN that Vonage is WAY, WAY UNDERVALUED.

      7) Speaking of LATE TO THE MARKET.... Microsoft (Skype) was late to market AGAIN (That's Microsoft - Late to Internet ISP, late to Broadband, late to Smartphones, late to VOIP). Not only was Microsoft LATE AGAIN, they spent $8.5 BILLION on the wrong company AND they didn't buy a physical network backbone. The boys in Redmond are the finest morons money can buy - thanks Bill.

      8) Vonage's superior Bang-for-the-buck VOIP, BasicTalk customer expansion AND Brazil is all Vonage needs for their superior Apps to exploit. Any more monetizing is just icing on the cake.

      Good luck to all good people.

      • 2 Replies to pac257
      • Then, of course, while millions of POTENTIAL Vonage customers get more and more addicted to Vonage's FREE MUST HAVE APPS, they also TREMENDOUSLY INCREASE the demand for Vonage's Apps advertizing space. For a growing number of AD buyers who want to embed their ADs in Vonage's super popular FREE Apps or have them dance across the screen when they use the Apps.

        The Apps are (currently) free - The Ads are not free....they are a new Vonage REVENUE stream. The more subscribers and free App users, the more AD REVENUE Vonage generates.

        Now, you know the WHINERS, BASHERS and the SHORT SIGHTED will try to convince you this is not important, but....DRUM ROLL PLEASE....

        FACT: Did you know that INTERNET ADVERTIZING REVENUE recently surpassed TV ADVERTIZING REVENUE?

        That's right.... you read that right....there is now MORE MONEY spent on Internet Ads than on TV Ads - and it's still growing.


        Good luck to all good people.

      • One more IMPORTANT POINT:

        Vonage's FREE Apps are at the top of the list of MUST HAVE APPLICATIONS.

        It's obvious that given the attainment of a certain customer usesage base, Vonage could begin to charge a very small fee for their Apps. Addicted non-Vonage customers will pay a small yearly fee to continue with Vonage just like they did with Skype or anyone else.

        Naturally Vonage customers get those Apps FOR FREE as usual - BRILLIANT, MAGNETIC!

        NOTE: Some phone companies gave away free phones - they made their money back by service fees.

        Patience grasshopper.... Vonage is doing it just the right way.

        Good luck to all good people.

    • If Vonage comes anywhere near HALF these Walmart BasicTalk projections, you will see:


      A year from now.... Expect even the WHINERS will trip over their GIBBERISH to explain why they didn't buy at this low price. Longs will be too busy laughing all the way to early retirement.

      Good luck to all good people.

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