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  • zencamebronson zencamebronson Aug 26, 2013 8:52 PM Flag

    Cramer's 15 min of fame

    expired about 5 years ago. What is he still doing on TV? He mumbled something about Vonage. Is he too busy to talk slowly enough for the average #$%$ sapien to understand what he's saying or is he snorting crystal meth? Apparently a dog is able to conduct more thorough research into a company than he is. Normally never would listen to the man, but I got suckered into it by the news release.

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    • Ditto. I grew tired of listening to Cramer about 5 years ago. I wish CNBC would kick him off and just use the space to report World news. You can't make sound investment decisions based on talking heads they bring on there. The all just promote their own business strategy anyway... I did respect Cramer when he started out but I really think despite his good intentions he's lost his credibility. Pretty tough row to hoe though... kg

    • Four things:

      1) Cramer = SNAKE OIL (low grade)


      3) Few analysts ACTUALLY DO THEIR HOMEWORK these days. They wait for something to happen, then they tell you "Something Happened". Monkeys can do that and you don't have to listen to FAST TALKING GIBBERISH to disguise the fact that they have NOT DONE THEIR HOMEWORK. Nobody ever seems to track analysts accuracy percentages - just talking heads with legs on BOTH SIDES of the fence.

      4) Like they say, "One monkey don't stop no show".

      Good luck to all good people.

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      • Ditto. Agree on everything here. Good post. I like it so much that I'm tempted to quote you on this phrase you coined, "yahoo = BS CENSORSHIP POLICE, but allows MULTIPLE ALIAS LIAR'S CLUB". I've been seeing this on other Yahoo stock msg bds. It seems to become a strategy of Shorts, Bashers and Daytraders. They take over the msg bd with it. Really sucks sifting through all that spam everyday. kg

    • I guess "home oh" sapien is a bad word. What the hell is this world coming to?

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