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  • marketposition marketposition Mar 31, 2009 2:30 PM Flag

    To any potential moron..err..ONNN investor


    Here's a rundown on what you can expect to observe from ONNN in the future...based on a regressive analysis of their past.

    1. Revenue will always be flatish with various purchases in order to maintain revenue levels that are otherwise lost. These will be financed with ever increasing issuing of more shares...up from 160million in 2000 to 411million today.
    2. Dividends: None. Ever.
    3. Debt: Always curiously around $1.2billion.
    4. Net profit. ONNN goes through a cyclical phase of reporting profits until stock is at high enough levels for execs to cash out options. Then, once stock begins to tank, HUGE writedowns suddenly with latest $500million writedown.

    So, what can you expect? This stock will never pay dividends and will never have any serious run upwards as it's a mature company with a flatish declining revenue model that depends on spending any profits and issuing additional stock to replenish that revnue. Furthermore, the stock will be continally diluted through gross issuance to ezecs which will add further continous downward pressure to this stock. The only thing that can prop up this stock is if the CEO AND CFO can bullshit analysts enough to keep buying up this toilet paper for their mutual funds. If they can shove enough ONNN shares in their mouths, like a chimpmunk hiding almonds, there MIGHT be enough support to occasionally have a small runup where you can dump this stock for a small profit once in a while before it's next collapse.

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    • ON is just one ordinary semiconductor company. Your expectation is too high. It is not fair. Be real my friend.

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      • Hey!
        Now you sounding like socialist government half black guy named Balack Osama! He running White House? Waiting a minute! Can he doing that?!?!? Anywaying, we trying to level playing field to make fair for everyone. First we asking Rick Wagoneer to taking $20M for doing such lousy job at BM and going home for extended vacation counting all his moneys!!! Next we maybe thinking of asking same thing of semi companies such as ONNN- "Hey, you losing 500 MILLION big American dollars! Please take buckets more and go away while socialist government taking over and telling you how to run bizness!!"

        Balack Osama in Oprahl Office, everything is so muching better now!!! Economy is greating! Gas is at lower prices! Weather getting warmer now due to global warming, not change of season!!! Hey, you pay attentioning?!?! Is obvious!!!!

        Oh, is happy time for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • So how long have you been holding ONNN and why haven't you sold and just moved on to something else ?
      Sheesh... your hate rants go back months...

      It's a stock, not a teddy bear... let it go already.

      Happy trading,

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