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  • kened_79 kened_79 Oct 21, 2009 1:41 AM Flag

    Wht will earning bring?

    Looking for a few points of view to onnn and earnings. Thanks!

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    • becasue he's tired of popping the pimples on his arse!

    • marketpos. Why do you find it necessary to "pop the balloon"?

    • I'll tell you everything you have to know about this POS called ONNN:

      1. Their entire strategy revolves around printing up new shares in order to buy revenue to replace lost revenue. This has a result of always putting a downward pressure on the stock price. So, you'll never see it remain above $10 because that seems to be the number around which they always print shares to buy more revenue.

      2. There is never any good news regarding company growth. It seems all the profit in this company is always a result of cuts and accounting moves. Since they are always buying new revenue, they'll always follow this up with a few rounds of layoffs where they end up writing off bazillions, yet somehow make it look like profit when they do. It seems like this company never has the type of profit cramer wants to see, as a result of growth and margin. They'll yack about a market share win here and there, but everyone knows this is just a bullshit ploy to spin it positively.

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      • Hey Marketposition, why is it you only appear on this message board when ONNN is going down? Your posts are funny and I do enjoy reading them, but that's all they are. No unbiased info to be gained from you. However, I miss you when ONNN is going up. Can't you think of anything negative to say during these periods? And why do you single out ONNN when their price is tracking most every other semi company out there?

      • Now I can tell you that I am not in love with ONNN by any stretch of the imagination. However, what you just said was the biuggest crock of $hit I may have ever heard. You clearly are one of the folks that got laid off...sorry for that really. I know the bastards at the top are heartless. But at least spit the truth on this board and what you said is purely ridiculous. Go back and follow their money flows. Organic growth in any industry now is anemic at best but particularly in the semiconductor space. The strategy to increase top line growth through strategic acquisition and drive efficiencies and market penetration as a result of portfolio enhancement is working and happens to be a very well executed plan. So, again, sorry that you're unemployed but the company is making the right moves and it will be yet again demonstrated in next week's earnings release.

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