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  • mrzog2138 mrzog2138 Jun 11, 2006 5:11 PM Flag

    aSi vs CIGS

    DemiWolf, fails to mention the main drawback to a-SI cells, light induced degradation (refered to as Staebler-Wronski effect) which can effect the power outage as much as 10%

    CIGS is the best technology out there. THe only problem is the manufacturing process. It has not been proven that you can make CIGS solar cells at a cost effective method. The production process is extremely complicated and capital intensive. If what Dr Tuttle has said to analysts is true (he has said it at two conferences, and I have no reason to think he is not being honest to analysts) and DSTI can make CIGS cells at less than $2/watt out of the gate. If that is the case, I don't care how large a lead anyone has. DSTI wil gain market share very quickly. CIGS is more efficient and has a longer lifespan than a-Si.

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    • "the main drawback to a-SI cells, light induced degradation (refered to as Staebler-Wronski effect) which can effect the power outage as much as 10%"

      well, maybe not with the latest generation of amorphous cells.
      but not really a marketing factor, anyway, as all amorphous cells and arrays are installed at considerably above their rated or claimed wattage. it takes many years for the aging of the cells to bring them down to the rated level they were expected to produce. the bonus watthours over the first several years are considerable.
      I think dsti has real promise, but it won't achieve market share by pretending the advantages of some other technologies don't exist. it will have to face these advanatages squarely, and figure out ways to beat them, or it will always be only a bit player. right now, amorphous silicon has a hell of a head start, especially as regards cost per watt.

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      • evdeb,

        I never claimed that a-Si was not viable nor an advantageous thin-film technology. I was simply responding to Demi who claimed that a-Si was the end all be all. There are some advantages to a-SI cells mainly in the fact that it can be manufactured at low temps and very cost effectively. But there are some drawbacks to a-SI. I was just mentioning one off the top of my head. Just like there are advantages/disadvantages to CIGS. I beleive CIGS has more promise in efficiency and durability than a-SI. And in the end if, and right now that is the big question, if CIGS can be produced at a price competitive with other thin-film cells, I think it will gain marketshare. I also beleive that the more technological advances in solar cell manufacturing will be along the lines of CIGS cells. Is it still to be proven? Yes. Investing in DSTI is speculative in nature. No one hear will argue that. I don't usually post, but I get impatient with people who come here with nothing to add. Your inputs are welcome. At least you bring something knowledgable to the discussion.

    • Thanks Mrzog! Saves me from looking up all that technical stuff. But you have to admit that Demiwolf is one heck of a humanitarian ...huh??? I mean one of the most thoughtful people I have ever "met" He comes on here and tries to save us all from losing our money. What a thoughtful guy he is!!!
      Just imagine him taking time out of his day to come on a board of a company that is doomed to failure and he tries again and again to save us from our ignorant selves.
      Anyone got a 12 year old son they want to lend to mister wolf so he can teach them all he knows about how to love a boy? I know he would enjoy that... Just a way of thanking him for being so generous with his stock market wisdom. Or wait I think mister wolf would think he is doing the boy a favor so that wouldn't really be a way to thank him now would it.....

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