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  • turd.trader turd.trader Dec 19, 2006 6:22 PM Flag

    Maybe Bottom @: $3.14 PPS

    $400,000 / 71,478 = $5.60

    -$200,000 cash payment

    $863,209 / 163,043 = $5.29 deferred two years

    $500,000 / 97,614 shares = $5.12
    $1,900,000 / 337,753 shares = $5.62

    principal $11,136,791 / $3.00 PPS = 3,712,263 more shares of dilution.

    Today's Float 7,390,000 +
    3,712,263 +
    7,390,000 + Old Float
    11,772,151 New Float

    7,390,000 / 4,382,151 = 0.593

    If old trading range was $5.50 to $7.00 then new trading range is $3.14 to $4.45

    $5.30 x .593 = $3.14

    $5.50 x .593 = $3.26
    $7.00 x .593 = $4.15

    $7.50 x .593 = $4.45

    $863,209 deferred two years
    $11,136,791 +

    Maybe ExtremE Bottom @: $3.14 PPS


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    • A close above $3.64 and we may have found a near term bottom. (Note, these companies are ran by genuine screw-ups, nobody can factor in what a potential moron might or might not do.)

      Ready or not $4.25 here we come!

      Then $5.00!

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      • News for 'ENER' - (United Solar Ovonic Receives $15 Million Order From BIOHAUS Order to expand sales of UNI-SOLAR(R) products in Germany)

        AUBURN HILLS, Mich., Dec 20, 2006 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ -- United Solar Ovonic, a wholly owned subsidiary of Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. (ECD
        Ovonics) (Nasdaq: ENER), announced today that it has received a $15 million order from BIOHAUS PV Handels GmbH (BIOHAUS) for the delivery of
        photovoltaic (PV) products in 2007.

        BIOHAUS, a well-known PV distributor and system integrator located in Paderborn, Germany, has successfully commissioned many installations using PV laminates manufactured by United Solar Ovonic. As one of the photovoltaic pioneers, BIOHAUS not only distributes standard systems, but it also uses its knowledge and longstanding expertise to enter into the manufacturing and development of solar modules. Under the brand name BIOSOL, BIOHAUS markets its own solar power systems and since 2001 has been the market leader in the in-roof sector.

        "Our continuous cooperation with BIOHAUS follows our overall strategic plan to expand our presence in Germany as well as in other European markets," said Salama Naguib, Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing.

        "We have chosen UNI-SOLAR(R) laminates as this product offers the ideal solution for building integration. Unlike traditional crystalline technology, which typically uses heavy, glass panels, UNI-SOLAR(R) products are flexible, durable, lightweight, and easy to install. Additionally, independent studies in Europe and elsewhere have shown that UNI-SOLAR(R) triple-junction products deliver more energy per rated power than the conventional crystalline products," said Manuela Schaefers, BIOHAUS spokeswoman.

        United Solar Ovonic currently has 28MW of annual production capacity at its Auburn Hills 1 location. The company's new 30MW Auburn Hills 2 facility, which is a duplicate of its Auburn Hills 1 facility, began commercial production in December 2006. United Solar Ovonic's expansion plan increases its manufacturing capacity to 118MW, 178MW and over 300MW per annum by the end of calendar years 2007, 2008 and 2010, respectively.

        About United Solar Ovonic

        United Solar Ovonic LLC, building on technology invented and pioneered by ECD Ovonics, is the world leader in thin-film amorphous photovoltaics. Because of characteristics unique to the United Solar Ovonic solar cell technology, such as lightweight, ruggedness and flexibility, it is ideal as building-integrated photovoltaic roofing systems for residential and industrial customers. ECD Ovonics holds the basic patents covering the continuous roll-to-roll manufacturing of thin-film amorphous-silicon alloy multi-junction solar cells and related products. More information is available at

      • coiled too tight...

        If the hedgie boys push her down too hard, they will take in right up the ars

    • DeLuca was the president of Asia Operations. He would not accept CEO position if he did not think they can get funding. Inficon is a fairly big Swiss company

      He accepted this position in 2003 after serving for three years as Inficon's President, Asia Operations, based in Taiwan. During this period in which Inficon transitioned to a public company, Dr. DeLuca managed the establishment and operations of Inficon's subsidiaries in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Singapore and China. Dr. DeLuca also managed the startup and development of the Company's Environmental Health and Safety business unit, and held positions in product management. Prior to his tenure at Inficon, Dr. DeLuca enjoyed an extensive career defined by various management and scientific positions at Leybold Inficon

      Company Profile

      INFICON is a leading developer, manufacturer, and supplier of vacuum instrumentation, critical sensor technologies, and process control software, with an emphasis on process engineering expertise, for the semiconductor and related industries. These analysis, measurement, and control products are vital to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end-users in the complex manufacturing of semiconductors, flat panel displays, magnetic and optical storage media, and precision optics.

      INFICON provides gas analysis, gas leak detection, measurement, and vacuum control products that meet the need for manufacturers to achieve greater speed of production and better product quality at reduced cost. INFICON also offers chemical identification systems for fast on-scene analysis, which is crucial for rapid decision-making in the security, emergency response, and environmental markets.

      With global headquarters in Syracuse, New York, INFICON has manufacturing facilities in the United States and Europe with worldwide offices in the U.S., China, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Liechtenstein, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom.