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  • wefucemyoung wefucemyoung Jan 31, 2007 7:58 PM Flag



    Just the thought that you thought that says alot about you.pedifile

    This topic is deleted.
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    • wefucemyoung,


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      a. upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any Content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable;

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    • Hey it is your ID you freak of nature.
      Ok Oh wise one, tell us just what is your definition of young. Just how old are these young ladies that you phuck. Well wait, let's really take a close look and see. Let's really take a look at your new claim to ethics you freak!
      What is it that you do to whom?
      Ok, you creep, you phuck them... very nice and respectful of our female gender, and you call me an Ahole?!
      And ok we can explore a little more you do it TO them
      yea you pig! You don't make love do you?You don't share the moment do you? You do it TOTHEM
      You don�t �do� it WITH them do you?
      So just what are women to you you creep?
      Ok great and you can be proud you take young girls, but not too young for if some one suggests to you that they are too young you will become outraged at that thought! (No NOT BABIES!)
      My god you are so easy to run up the pole
      So now you have ethics because you shudder at the thought of doing it to or with babies?
      Now you have morals?
      Ok now back to your ID mister �we phuck them young�.
      Congratulations you do what? Make love with women or do you take advantage of young girls?
      AND again heaven forbid someone suggest that you might be immoral and do that to some young lady that is TOO young
      Yea you jerk, just what is your age of morally acceptable years that you phuck them?
      WOW now you are ready to stand up for morality?
      Already every woman on this board thinks you are a total turd, now lets see how you impress the male gender of us. Show us your wisdom and talk your way out of this second grade corner you have posted yourself into you dope.
      Hey, John Chambers? What a novel idea isn�t it. What if everyone (or at least just you) were to post honestly on this board?
      What would we all get to read?
      Reality as we see it?
      Oh and Back to Mister �We phuck them young�.
      I know your feelings might be hurt because I started talking to John instead of you so let me come back to you.
      So tell us WEPPHUCK.
      Just how old was your dad when he phucked your mother? And tell us just how old was your young mother at the time
      Come on you creep, make your momma proud that she is your mother.
      Ok so we can guess that your mother was a whore or something. Maybe if the drummer has this off ignore he can actually read my response to your stupid post. Hey drummer?
      Care to psychoanalyze the we phuck them young�s mother? What do you think, was she just absentee? Did she split when we phuck was 1 month old because he was such a creep?
      Or was she a Heroin addict and she just couldn�t keep it together?
      DRUMMER WHERE ARE YOU WHEN WE NEED YOU Don�t lest these creeps silence you!
      We (at least I) don�t blame you for Tuttle�s financial blunders, you have been far too quiet lately
      I know you are ignoring these creeps posts but, well actually come to think of it, maybe I admire you for not even answering them. I even question my own post. What ever happened to a message board for DSTI?
      YES WE KNOW TUTTLE IS A FINANCIAL DOPE! But so many here have lost sight of the reason for this board. What a shame, we used to learn from each other. Once in a while. We still should.
      Now we only have pretend chinese guys who blame musicians for the ills of the world. Echo "pathetic"!!!!!!

      • 4 Replies to monkeymoneynana
      • You are all pathetic.
        Your long moral diatribe is just as pathetic as the guy's nick.
        Why do you seem to care so much about someone else's real or imagined sexual preferences or fantacies?
        I hope you yourself have a pathological desire to stick your penis in underaged women, because otherwise you have no right to harass this guy over it.
        Acting out pedophile tendancies is illegal, yes.
        But having the thought inside ones head does no harm to anyone (except maybe oneself). But if you've never had the thought yourself, then you have no right to pass judgement on someone who does have those thoughts. If you actually have had a pedophilic thought, or a gay thought, or whatever, then you have the right to judge because your judgement is coming from experience.
        What's more:
        This is a stock board.
        So why don't you people cut out the Geraldo shit?

      • Nice post!
        I have a few thoughts at this point.
        Of course no one here can blame anyone for their investment successes or failures. we all are responsible for our own DD. Hey I was influenced by several on this board when I first heard about DSTI and I certainly don't blame THEM for the current share price.
        As to your comments about wefucem.... I also have him on ignore so I don't really know what he has posted but I do know that he was filling up the board with dozens of one liners before I put him on ignore. It sounds like he has been on a real intellectual role hahahahaha
        So about me being quiet?
        Well I have not much to say, simple as that. We don't have much news to post do we? I did post that the DeLuca interview is well worth watching and everyone should go view that if you haven't in my opinion of course....
        Also I posted the An Inconvenient Truth link for the on line movie. (actually some one else posted that before I did, maybe it was Blue??? ) But anyway I was very pleasantly surprised to fine almost the whole movie right there to watch. I don't know what is missing if anything but it is a 1 hour and 30 some odd minute "Screening Copy" from Paramont. I really appreciate that it is up there for us to watch.
        As far as DSTI goes, getting rid of Castlerig is major, It wont undue the damage that was done, and they still need more money of course but it is possible now again I think for them to pull it off. I think they are still being quiet partially bacause the financing deal isn't done yet. I mean it isn't finalized yet and Castlerigg isn't gone just yet. Has the SEC approved this whole thing yet. Do we need a vote to approve. I know that was a question still lurking and I donn't know if that has been cleared up yet. Once that is a done deal, then they can come up with and out with the real new financing deals. (Yes...If they get them)
        Other than that, I have been day trading this a bit lately. Trying to time some buy lows and some sell Highs and trying to lower some of my loss here. It's working ok just at a nibble pace. I'll still be here as it goes back up when (and if) real good news hits, but I also wont lose more than I am willing to lose if it doesn't. I just don't see DSTI going under. There are some very encouraging signs like the NANO college relationship and another grant or two. After that??????
        We'll see wont we...........

      • Congratulations, you did it.
        I thought I would never post on this DSTI board because most of you are totally insane. The level of crap that you waste your time posting just is amazing to me. You "longs" certainly have good intention but most seem to invest with too much emotion, You "bashers" never add anything of substance. Yes I am setting myself up for ridicule here because who am I to judge you all and I agree before you even posit that aspect that you are correct, yet I still stand my my assessment. The majority of you are insane, however you non-human monkeymoneynana, have done what none of the jokes who call themselves human have been able to do. namely get me to reply or post on this board, though I have been following this DSTi company off and on for almost 3 years now. That aside, the monkey has just posted the best post I have ever read on this board.
        Perhaps I might post again, I wouldn't rule that out now that I have decided to grab an ID and sign up, I figure Jamba_juce will do well enough, at least I don't need a condom to post like the subject of Monkeymoneynana's post aparently needs. I add that I so agree with the monkey, leave the young girls alone and I suppose I could add to the "We blank them young" poster, Please sir, always, yes always use a condon. we certailly don't want YOU to EVER reproduce.
        God save the King! (and god save us from the majority of the posters on this message board, Yes some of you I do have respect for)

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