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  • rainingcomets rainingcomets Mar 3, 2002 11:34 AM Flag

    Anyone see CNBC head on PBS ?


    It was odd.

    Faber admitted either he sucks as a journalist or they are not free to practice real journalism. Either way it was no help to CNBS.

    I always thought that Cramer might have had some integrity, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn that everything he did was self-serving.

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    • Cramer put in VAST amounts of time and effort trying to help people. He has made many " street smart"..It has cost TSCM big money in advertising revenue. ...I'm still surprised to see so many so unfair..

      CNBC , if unchecked, could / would destroy the whole damn thing..They should be ashamed.

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      • TSCM was set up and run to benefit various moneyed Wall Street types. Their activities may benefit the small investor, but just as a byproduct of helping these big investors. "Helping the little guy" is just the cover story they use to get your trust. However, other than Cramer's stuff, little of it is actually harmful.

        Cramer is not so innocuous. He is like the guy who stops to help you change a flat tire in the pouring rain. He says he can't stand to see you stranded beside the road. Plus, there are so many dishonest people out there who would take advantage of you. You think he's a good samaritan, then you realize later that your wallet is gone. Did he steal it? Couldn't be! He seemed so nice, stopping to help you in your time of need. But where did it go? Meanwhile, the "good samaritan" is driving down the road counting the money he just removed from your wallet, and looking for the next oppportunity.

        Cramer does not rate the benefit of a doubt anymore. He is an out-and-out scam artist.