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  • cajvsrac cajvsrac Nov 30, 2008 11:14 AM Flag

    Forget Plan B - What is the plan? ABC or D!

    I stil do not understand how Canon plans to recover the lost equipment placements by ending the Ikon agreement. There appears to be no alternative plan in place with the exception of buying a few smaller independant dealerships. Canon are even adding more dealers - Stupid - Stupid - Stupid - Kill already a broken distribution channel. Will this plan replace the thousands of units that Ikon were ordering? As mentioned in other posts, there is no other large national dealer left. What if Xerox decided that the Global buy was indeed good for the company & started merging more dealers? Oh wait, they are doing that, and Canon stays on the sideline. Ricoh have not only bought Canon's largest outlet, but, they have also bought Info Print from IBM. Think there is a plan for those Ikon iR-110's etc.? Again, Canon is on the sidelines doing nothing. CBS are an absolute bloody joke. They are so poorly managed. There is no vision, no ethics, no professionlism (Yes, professionalism, it used to be the one thing that set Canon apart, and now, they have killed that with their inability to sell solutions and price guage everybody) The CBS Sales Management has failed this market and has failed to maintain any degree of market share, and considering the loss of Ikon, I can't wait to see the next reports from Dataquest and Gartner on share. (FYI - Because you sell loads of printers and stuff to Best Buy & Circuit, Wal Mart, it does not mean you have the biggest market share - B2B is what counts - better hope Ricoh does not go this option - Oh wait, maybe they are, heard of a small printig company called lexmark? stay tuned to that news of a merger) Canon HQ need to understand that CBS are the joke of the business world. The cureent Sales Management and leadership are inept and lack luster in everything. Is it time for a refresh to the approach, I would suggest. I would also suggest that there could be many concerned Ikon staff that helped Canon be the success it was once prior to the Ricoh buyout. Ricoh are doing a great job thus far with the merger, was the the plan that they would not and CBS could pick-up the pieces? There may be pieces in a few area's, not many, but, the pieces right now will not go to CBS under the current state of management. Rioch are making a statement, and businesses are listening. They are interested in new technology, new ways and new processes, not, we used be #1 in copiers, fax & CLC. Canon keeps saying that they are N01 or NO2 in R&D. What has this so called R&D generated? What is the new technology strategy that is ready to be launched to save Canon? The questins are hard because there are people that want to see Canon recover from the loss of Ikon and be #1 again. It will take an investment in time & people, but, this is how history can help develop a strong future. Move on from Ikon, move on from old ways that don't work and move on to develop technologies to compete against HP, Xerox and Ricoh. Drop the HP relationship - It once helped, but does it now? HP is targetign Canon Seg 3 4 5, and yet Canon continues to build low-end, no $$ laser engines. Not sure if this defines a future? Maybe Ricoh might be alos looking at this? God, can you imagine if Ricoh signed a deal with HP to repalce Canon LBP engines? Nobody thought Ricoh would buy Info Print, Hitachi or Ikon either.

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