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  • lakersnokings lakersnokings Nov 11, 2011 12:16 PM Flag

    Fair Value for this pig is $1.13 a share

    Board of Directors and Socius Capital said so

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    • While you two duke it out, notice the cheerleaders who always have a positive spin on Zoom disappear?
      You only hear from them when the stock rises a few pennies, or just subsequent to a news flash that they like to put a spin on.
      You know - a Repuglican.

      Yep, they love to call names, and stammer about how mesmerized liberals are, while the reality police attempt to awaken them from their slumber.
      Alas, their dreams remain realities.

      Still hoping for something better here, but I don't see it at all now.
      The bright spots these nitwits keep displaying are extrapolated at best, and fantasy at worst - with reality non-existent.
      And as it heads to a buck - or less - I have the thought of another reverse stock again, and I shudder to think of the results should that be considered.
      I cannot wait to be enlightened by the board geniuses who have been correct about - nothing...

    • when did you realize it and when did I know it?

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