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  • BigTurtle3 BigTurtle3 May 24, 2012 11:15 AM Flag

    Nice action ... no volume ...

    Like the action after the very quick dip below 12 - but still no volume -

    Listened to the investor con call yesterday - fairly ho hum - not a lot new - it was interesting to hear the CEO talk about their competition in detail - not sure what to make of the idea that they have 12 -13% market share - on one hand its smaller then i thought based on their visibility - on the other hand it kinda makes sense since they were always a specialty brand and seems like they have a lot of room to grow -

    Also like the fact that they have reduced their online retailers (basically people that wont destroy their brand for quick sales)

    Turtle -

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    • LOL. Okay, but instead of the donation buy yourself a pair of Grado SR's; any model.

      FB started out like SKUL...overpriced.

      I just had to take a swing at that soft ball.

    • Ok how about this - Any print below 10 intraday - even if its $9.99 and I make the donation - But if it doesn't print below $10 for a year from now you have to go buy a pair of Titans at Target.

      Seems like a fair trade - I was more worried about a flash crash day like may 2011 when I bought Monster at $27 and sold it 15 minutes later at 41$ - thats why i said close instead of intraday - you know since the FB ipo showed us all how sound and secure our markets are ...


      turtle -

    • The Red Cross would be appropriate. I like red afterall. But, it could hit a 9.80 low (the D point) and still close above $10. Regardless though, time is on my side. This bear within a bear should last a year unless they really take it apart and we crash.

      So, what do you think about the downsloping channel with a top trendline defined by:

      7/25/11 : $20.72
      4/16/12 : $17.76

      and a bottom trendline defined by:

      9/15/11 : $12.80
      12/13/11 : $11.79 ?

      The last touch was at the top at $17.76 and the next touch on the bottom looks to be just under $10.

    • It made a run on 13. I scalped it a little too early. I was a little nervous about a mini-selloff because of the long weekend coming + political uncertainty. Hopefully I'll get a chance to come back in.

      I don't think it will see sub-12 on its own unless the market gets really tumultuous or there is some bad news.

    • Yeah, I'm trying to determine too. Little volume. Though the last big push up from 15 occurred after some flirting back and forth on very little volume.

      One thing seems pretty sure. . . selling volume has dried up, even on very down days like when the DJIA almost lost 200, I think SKUL only hit 12.45.

      slowly working my way in here and there. Got to be careful. Remember, Greece is going to vote June 17, and they have quite a fireplug making waves. . . Tsipras is a radical leftist and refuses to cooperate on austerity and is basically saying "we're too big for them to let us go bust."

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