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  • bonacrank21 bonacrank21 Aug 27, 2012 4:22 PM Flag

    buyout rumor

    anyone heard the rumor of private equity making a bid to take company private?????

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    • Tom, Since you mentioned MITK, I looked at it. Think it has potential but at this point am a bit concerned with EPS and ability to make a profit while holding on to clients. Still playing my NAVB but was looking for somthing down the road. Am I missing somthing..?? Just seems they need to tweak buss plan a bit and work on #s.

    • I have made up the package on MITK that would close anyone I send them to. If you have an account at seeking Alpha send me a private e-mail with your address and I will send you one. You would be opening hundreds of accounts a month were the package I have put together. It includes all White papers, all the bank case studies, and a list of banks currently using the product and the partner they launched through. My account over there is tpayne1130. they have a way to send private e-mail so that no one would get your address.

    • Thats probably all true.... However the reason they have had such an easy time keeping stock down is because of management. They are doing great job with the company but have no clue how to manage the stock which is a totally seperate entity,especially when people(shorts) are betting 10's of millions of dollars to destroy the stock

    • Shorts have won almost all the battles.


      Even with so many positive catalysts (Earnings, Brand value, Positive Analyst ratings, Institutional/Insider ownership, Growth and lately the technicals) the shorts have held this down for 13 months and counting...

      The real question is... Will they win the war? Yet to be seen!

    • I appreciate the tip.... Ive been in retail for 20 yrs so my business is built but im always looking for small caps with growth companies to build new positions in. Thanks

    • If you are a stockbroker in trying to build up your business. I would seriously learn the story of MITK and go after all kinds of institutional clients. Art Samburg bought 6% of the company. When he was running his hedge fund he was the most respected technology analyst in the country. Many institutions will know exactly who he is. I don't know if you are a retail or an institutional broker but working that stock would allow you to pick up a lot of institutions for clients. I have sent the package to some hedge funds and mentioned that he filed a 13 G in 2 days ago they started buying the stock. It is a great story stock in their commercials are running on TV constantly. No one realizes that all of those banks are licensing their product.
      Good luck

    • It is prob. just a rumor!

      The stock ran cuz of technicals (Golden-cross) and will have to see if the momentum continues.

      Well... Shorts did not buy the 'Growth Story" and more importantly "Brand Penetration". They shorted every pop and are almost running out of shares to borrow (Unless longs sell in to this rally)

    • I think they shorted the stock Thinking it was overvalued. Then when the stock dropped they thought they could wait until some of the 144 stock that was locked up in the initial agreement to come out. Then they realized that only institutions were buying the stock and they thought that they would not the stock down and cause some institutional selling. All of a sudden some people started writing about the stock and all of a sudden the company had a retail following. They figured they were stronger than the following and Shorting the stock because they usually win. In their wildest dreams they never believed they would get in this type of battle. And for months and months we have withstood their selling and prevented the panic they usually create. Now they find themselves in a battle they can't win. And it's going to be fun watching him choke on their greed!

    • I meant to say private not public my mistake

    • Nah, that is Best Buy (BBY).... Everything they do filters over to SKUL (Good or Bad unfortunately)... But soon BBY will be only a drop in the bucket in regards to Skullcandy sales... Just saying

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