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  • tradup tradup Sep 24, 2012 1:36 PM Flag

    Interesting post on Motley Fool

    "Skullcandy has nothing to fear... I received my Iphone5 with the new apple earpods and they are not special at all. They fit better than the old earbuds but the sound quality is just average to me.
    I tested them against my Skullcandy 50/50 (also against my Klipsch S4i) earbuds by synchronizing and playing the same song on 2 Ipods. I placed a different bud in each ear and then switched the buds and started the songs over. I did this with several genres of songs and I found that the apple earpods do not provide much bass and the volume of the apple buds was noticeably lower when the volume was set to max. Although they hardly have any bass, the highs and mids were okay. Overall, the apple earpods fell short when tested head to head against both brands; apple's earpods were simply outperformed by both other brands. So I decided to mothball them and stick with the Skullcandy with my Iphone5 and the older Klipsch with my iPods.
    BTW, both Skullcandy & Klipsch have the ability to control the Iphone 5 and Itouch so nothing is lost by using them in place of the earpods"

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    • TU

      I Concur,

      I watched the AT&T / iPhone 5 commercial during the Sunday Night Football game last night. They talked about how an ear isn't round so the ear phone shouldn't be either. They showed the new EarPod... Funny as they were admitting they had the design all wrong all these years.

      Doesn't instill much confidence in their products. Besides their new operating system has issues (Map Program sucks)... Also Samsung's commercial had a pretty good argument against the iPhone last night as well. They are going to go head to head with AAPL with all these law suits.

      Disclaimer... I am an iPhone user.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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