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  • michaelsistowicz michaelsistowicz Nov 2, 2012 7:26 PM Flag


    Thanks Turtle, you too. You have had some good insights on the stock. I am pretty much sick to my stomach over how management has handled IR. I too have sent off e-mails to deaf ears. I get the philosophy of the company, and up to now it has worked. It just seams they are a little too concerned about being "free spirited" and having fun internally (and spending money on having fun). The new offices and man caves I hope have ended. They need to focus on margins and bottom line now. I am hoping (and I would guess this drop in stock price) is a wake up call to Andrus and Wescoat that they are a public traded company. They both frankly suck as executives. They have clearly lost a lot of die hard investors. I am sure they will pick up another group as this stock has settled into a bargain basement price range (based on EPS and forecast for full year). But we will see... The ball is in Andrus and Wescoats court. I would hope they had a staff meeting and cracked the whip today. However, I would guess they had an open bar man shack gaming session followed by a trip to pick out new ski's for the slopes.

    All my best Turtle!

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