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  • michaelsistowicz michaelsistowicz Nov 10, 2012 10:57 AM Flag


    That would be part of their "Fixed Assets" Reported. That would include Buildings, Auto's etc. as well - For 3Q was $14,637,000 of $168,176,000 or 8.7%.

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    • but if those fixed assets, furniture and fixtures ans staplers account for 94% of this category.

      Like anyone is going to want to buy cubical's with marijuana and ice cube stickers stuck to them.

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      • Last I looked 9 million was buildings and they had like 400,000 in Auto off the top of my head. They have other equipment as well, plus trade show displays etc. They don't have 16,000,000 in furniture and office supplies.

        The fact they might have hemp and skull stickers on the cubes are another story.... LMAO

        I figure the break up value of the company is 5 bucks a share. That would be closing the doors, selling the inventory, clearing the AR's and selling PP&E. Add to that the brand name value.... The company's problem is the diluted stock rate and cash burn. The second part can be addressed pretty easy. The first part will reverse if Andrus and Wescoat don't get off the stick as far as earnings growth.

        The battle is not over by a long shot yet. Many positive surprises to come...

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