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  • michaelsistowicz michaelsistowicz Nov 25, 2012 1:09 PM Flag


    There is STILL serious loaning demand for short shares according to my Broker. The premium is still in the 30% interest range. I have a theory here that there is a large pool of shares out there "naked shorted" and that is why there is no run for the exits by the shorts. They need to find shares to cover otherwise they will become suspect by the SEC. Unless I am wrong, the naked selling statistics become available only once the shares are SOLD. So in theory, there is a HUGE POOL of shorted shares that are not secured by loaned collateral. Giants comments above would confirm that. Why would institutions (the only place to get serious amounts of shares as the retail percentage here is small) loan shares down here? I suspect as the price dropped, some big players pulled their loan agreements and the Shorts are stuck here.

    If there ever was a conspiracy theory that the "Short Squeeze" looms large with SKUL it is now more likely.

    We will see as the year ends. I hear guys on the board yapping about the Institutions selling their shares to take loss's this year. Two things hold that theory to the fire.

    1) The tax code will likely change next year and the benifit of taking a loss is more logical NEXT YEAR.
    2) SKUL is a small cap stock. Institutional players have a greater degree of control vs. the Billion dollar + market cap stocks.


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