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  • onepoint272 onepoint272 Dec 19, 2012 11:04 AM Flag

    Is this stock broken?

    Corey is right, it is being manipulated by the big money; it is in a trading range after-all, which is where big money operates. When they are ready (fully positioned) they'll let you know with a sign of strength or weakness and pass the baton to the funds and specs. In the meantime you can buy at the low of the range and sell the top. Or, if you think this is an accumulation range, you can do what they do, sell at the top and at the bottom buy just a little more than what you sold.

    As far as "believing" goes, I think it takes a little more strategy than that. Like having a stop in place or selling out immediately if a sign of weakness (SOW) appears (wide directional price range with heavy volume). Contrary to Corey, I think you definitely want to be one of the first to panic on a SOW.

    To hang on for years just because you believe in a story is not smart, imo. The price leads fundamentals; someone always knows before they let the dumb money in on what is going on. The price action will let you know that the fundamentals have changed......not the other way around.

    They will likely wait for some news to use as a catalyst before they initiate an SOS or SOW.

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    • Can we get some more pivot mumbo jumbo? Haven't seen any in a while.

    • coreylynnh Dec 19, 2012 2:09 PM Flag

      As I said earlier, I think buying SKUL stock outright is a bad strategy. The only reason a retail investor would do so on a growth stock with no dividend is because either he believes in the story and the future OR for a quick gain and/or short squeeze. They do not have enough information to be "in the know" like those who are manipulating the stock. What onepoint suggests is wait for something to happen then react. That in my opinion is bad strategy and taking a 50/50 chance to win short term. People too often tend to sell once the stock drops, so in effect they bought high and sold low. If the stock appreciates, most people do not sell it. They wait because they want that ride to continue. Then the stock drops again and they either sell for a loss or for a bad overall return whenever the sell happened. Either way, most short-term investors lose. If you are in this stock for the short term you are a slave to the manipulators, and that is my point.

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      • "What onepoint suggests is wait for something to happen then react. That in my opinion is bad strategy and taking a 50/50 chance to win short term."

        No, sorry I think you misunderstood, that's not what I'm suggesting. Now is the time to accumulate if you are longer-term bullish, imo. Buy at the low of the range, sell some off at the top of the range, rinse, repeat.....make money short term but accumulate shares for the long term. In fact at the top of the range you could sell everything except your profit. That way you end up with free shares; no risk whatsoever. When a sign of strength appears then you stop selling at the top of the range and rather let it ride or even buy more. But there is no way I wouldn't have a stop-loss in place and/or be watching for a sign of weakness (SOW). I would NOT ride it down. Why? Just get the heck out asap on an SOW.

        But even if you are not long-term bullish, just not sure, and don't accumulate in this TR, you can just wait for an SOS and hold it because it is a longer-term bullish sign. The longer it stays in this TR the more cause is built up and the higher it will go. You can't miss an SOS; it'll stand out like a sore thumb and it must be bought. We're not talking about a 50/50 chance; an SOS or SOW in the right hand side of a TR is pretty much a sure thing.

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