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  • coreylynnh Dec 21, 2012 1:57 PM Flag

    OK . Just bought in here near 8$ . . been watching for awhile and think she is finally ready to pop.

    So what exactly are you looking at to be able to predict spot on this is going anywhere but up? Please explain how you can be so sure.

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    • 'exactly' and 'predict' are dangerous words to use in conjunction with stock speculating BUT this one tic's all the boxes for me right now so I added it to my portfolio this morning . . I've had it on my watch lists for many weeks and knew that when it carved out this bottom I would start watching it more closely and I have decided my indicators said GO .. Bollinger bands stretched . Candlesticks are bullish . W% 90 . . This with 75% inst ownership and 40% short interest . . Let me ask you .. Do you think this is a good short here at 8$ ?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • turns out it was a good short at 8

      • coreylynnh Jan 3, 2013 2:29 PM Flag

        Yes $8 was a great place to short. All that great technical analysis and a 15% loss in less than 2 weeks to show for it. I assume he took his loss and went for the next great squeeze candidate, but perhaps he is still holding. He hasn't answered my question about what he did so all we can do is speculate right now. As for me, I am just waiting patiently for the stock to come back up. That all hinges on continued growth but if it does continue then the stock should not have a problem reaching 10-11 again some day. If it does within 6-12 months then I will make a very nice profit with the return I was looking for. If the growth dies then I will take my lumps and move on.

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