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  • chaz16669 chaz16669 Jan 15, 2013 2:55 PM Flag

    VFC - SKUL merger / buyout

    I would think select companies would be interested in buying Skul for its product and brand. The current low share price may generate some buyout buzz, but I would feel pretty confident that management would have no interest selling at below its IPO price, let alone the recent prices. As of today, this is not a struggling company with a weak balance sheet like a Billabong. Skul management believes in this company and has an ego as to what its worth.

    These guys like their company and want to see their brand succeed regardless who owns them. So I don't think they're selling out to just anyone, but what can help build the brand (Nike, Under Armour). Many large companies with cash just sitting there generating no return. I think they're weighing the possibility of writing a $800 mil check which could generate immediate return on investment as opposed to sitting in a checking account.

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    • I agree Chaz... I do think they are looking at possible suitors at this point however. It will be interesting to see how the Balance sheet and guidance going forward is in February. If there still is a "growth" story things will get interesting quick.

      These guys do have an ego I agree. I also know that these guys get together with certain entities at trade shows etc. and start throwing around possibilities of partnerships, numbers etc. after a few drinks. The CES and the Miami conference surely created some possibilities.

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    • 'Skul management believes in this company and has an ego as to what its worth'. I don't want to be negative, I want to be realistic. Unfortunately, investors don’t believe this management any more. That is the reason why short scould cover most of their shared by buying investor shares and the stocks plunge under $7. The report will show in next few weeks. There is no grantee it does not go down more.

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      • Nahid,

        You are correct, there are no promises here. However, I suspect that the company will report the 1.00 + a share earnings (Diluted). Going forward, 1st quarter is the "Dead Quarter" for them. They have rolled out or will roll out 5 new products by March - (3) gameing sets (SLYR and PLYR 1 & 2), the new performance fold away "Cassette" over the ear, and the "Crusher" enhanced bass headphones.

        I would guess that these will help the first quarter results (good guidance).

        The key is if they hit the lowered EPS estimate full year and what kinda growth top line they saw last year (was it indeed 290 million?, or did they blow it out?).

        Im going to listen to the conference call from Miami tomorrow at 10:00 am. See if Andrus and Wescoat give any clues ???

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