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  • nahid666p nahid666p Feb 7, 2013 2:30 PM Flag

    To michaelsistowicz

    I went to Target yesterday and talked to sale person in Electronic department. Below is what he told me. I know you have done lots of research and I like to have your opinion on what he said.

    You need to forgive me for my writing. I am not good at writing.

    He said the Skullcandy was really good when it came to the market few years ago because there were unique for what they had. Now, Sony, Boss, and other companies doing the same and got the market from Skullcandy. He really likes skullcandy earbuds and he is selling good number of skullcandy earbuds. But the headphone and the Video Gaming headset are not doing good. He recommends Turtle Beach gaming headset and they are selling good. Boss and Sony have good headphones. There are colorful and pretty.

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    • Nahid,

      There is no doubt that Skullcandy has seen competition. One of the things I have noticed is on the premium dollar sets. Particularly at Best Buy. Skullcandy seems to be out of the 150 + business (not that they ever dominated that with their Mix Masters).

      In gaming... they just starting retail.

      It's good that you did your own channel check. Invest with the knowledge and the information from your research.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I stopped into Game Stop and asked them what they thought about Astro headsets. He said I don't know much about them, but I get lots of people coming into the store asking for them and buying them.I asked about Skullcandy gaming headsets and he said they did not carry them and didn't know they existed. Then he said that would be cool because he is a big fan of their earbuds.But he has never used their headphones.

        That is the first I have heard about Skul headsets not selling.No question they and everyone else is far behind Beats. I was getting the impression that they were doing well in their price range. Most store people say Bose is best for the money ( $150) and that's tough for me to disagree with.

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