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  • michaelsistowicz michaelsistowicz Feb 8, 2013 4:14 PM Flag

    Just ran out and did a Channel Check - BBY

    There was 12 individual listening POP (point of purchase)displays on one side of the main audio isle. SKUL had 2 of them on the end - Hesh and Aviators. The other 10 were higher priced Soul, Sony Monster etc. Under the POP listening stations were dozens of assorted buds, over the ears from various brands.

    That's only a fraction of the story...

    The other side of the isle was a massive POP sound station for Beats and Bose (half the isle each)

    Beats was on the end sections as well and had a island in the laptop section.

    There was 3 individual A40 Astro's amongst a sea of green Turtle Beach and a few other Gaming sets (Another complete isle). No SLYR or PLYR 2

    I have gone in there 5 times since last Sumer checking out SKUL PEG space) each time SKUL's PEG space has diminished. Most recently a month or so ago.

    Good news was at the check out area SKUL did have a nice island display. Ink'd, Smoking Buds, Hesh, Lowriders. From 16.99 - 50 buck range.

    My stomach was relieved a little at that point...

    One store, one town...

    There not dead... Just wounded. Could say the same for the stock.

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    • I think the headphone story is consistent everywhere...there's Beats and everyone else. That being said, they are the player in the 50 -150 range and the others are all fighting for Beat's leftovers in the 150 + market. IMO, well done Skull. I actually was noticing a maintained or greater shelf space. Bose does well, but attracts a different demographic.

      Consistent story for the gaming headsets. I think Astros have their own market and people either want them or not. High end gamers know they are the real thing and just buy them. Not sure when Skull gaming phones will make their appearance in stores.

      Regarding ear buds, they are the player and most people acknowledge this. I was actually thinking they had gained peg space in stores I checked. Other than when Morgan Stanley noted their reduced price, I have never seem them on sale...actually am seeing a price increase.

      Apple store had a nice Skul display and they said only ones that sell well are on pegs.

      Not sure how this translates to actual sales, I think their store presence is fine.

    • I hope you did a little shelf maintenance.......bring all the skulls peg forward for better veiwing and push the competitors to the rear. I have to do that for Koss every once in awhile.

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