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  • bigturtle3 bigturtle3 Feb 9, 2013 7:52 PM Flag

    Beats discounting

    This stock makes me sad - not just because I made so much money off it last year and now its totally dead money - but just because they make really good products - I cant believe someone wont come along in the next few months and take it private for 9 or 10 bucks a share - if you buy it at 9 you can get 280 million in rev for a 270 million dollar buyout? seems nuts -

    That being said I only have myself to blame - I kept going back to the well on this one when the CFO leaving should have been the biggest tip off - good companies dont have stuff like that happen - just a sign of the mismanagement that was always there I suppose ....

    maybe I will buy some Jan 2015 calls on them and then just ignore them for 6 months - Dunno

    can believe this thing went public at 20!! jeeeesh!!

    Anyway I am flat again - sorry i came back to jinx it for everyone ...

    Turtle -

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    • Yep and Mitch left complaining about the IPO. Hindsight huh? 20 bucks a share, 2 guys get 40% of the company (Alden 33% and Andus 8%)... Share dilution after lock up period of 6 million shares. As you ou I was totally blind sighted by the hype.

      Good news is that is all old news. The company will address all this... May take awhile :(

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