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  • goldenseth Feb 11, 2013 7:25 AM Flag

    Would like

    To have seen more holiday circulars in the Sunday Paper promoting Skullcandy but unfortunately this was not the case. Saw 3 seperate retail circulars touting the competition. Anybody see a retailer promoting w/without sale price for Skullcandy?

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    • Seth,

      Not going to happen. Your not going to see a 5-10 million dollar ad like SODA on the Superbowl either. They are grass roots, organic, small specialty store, skate/ski. They would have to change their marketing plan or Alden will have to announce a new plan for 2013 during the conference call in March.

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      • 2 Replies to michaelsistowicz
      • goldenseth Feb 11, 2013 1:46 PM Flag

        Where did I insinuate a Superbowl or commercial ad of any kind Michael. I'm simply stating that I would have liked to see more circulars advertising the brand and products which they haven't been doing for some time. This is a direct attribute of what the retailer feel will drive foot traffic. Nothing more and nothing less. But like I said before, SKUL needs to spend money to make money near term and I would expect them to do that very thing. Grass roots is a great strategy, but mass market appeal is apparently necessary for the company to continue to grow revenues and regain lost market share. You shouldn't move in one direction without facilitating the already proven direction the company has taken over the last several years. In my opinion, that is a losing proposition.

        When signing deals with retailers, shelf/peg space is key and along with this space comes advertising dollars, the distribution of such advertising dollars has not been favoring retail deals but I would expect that to change ahead of the Mother's Day and Father's Day selling season.

      • I'm hearing that Kate has a skull tattoo on an inconspicuous body part. It is my goal in life to see it in person, with her permission of-course.

    • If the Skul products are turning over without the need to be put on sale, why would there be sales promotions for Skul? Was the competition on sale? From what I'm seeing and reading, the higher end competitors are reducing prices which indicates retailers can't move these products.

    • Are you serious!? Now way does the age group of 15-30 read the paper. The paper is barely alive as it is!! It's all about commercials and social media advertising!! You've got to be at least 45 years old to have posted this lol.

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    • Do people still read the newspaper...especially the targeted headphone market (15-35 age group)?? I would think advertising money is better spent elsewhere.

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