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  • lesspheus lesspheus Feb 13, 2013 3:26 PM Flag


    Who else thinks that the Crushers could be a big deal? Do yourself a favor and try to find a video or article about them. They were displayed at CES this year. Be careful not to confuse them with the Skullcrushers, an older model.

    The crushers have two drivers in them. One is their standard 40mm for the sound and the other os a 55mm one designed to actually shake your head to give the feeling of concert style deep bass.

    I think that these could potentially be a huge hit. I believe that they are due to be out in early March.

    If I was still in high school or college, I'd be all over getting a pair of Crushers, but now I am quite happy rockin with my Aviators.

    If you are a Skullcandy long, do your part to support the company. I wear my Aviators out. If I am not listening to them, I have them on my neck. People regularly ask me what headphones I have on. The Aviators and Navigators look very cool compared to most headphones and get attention. It works almost virally. If one or two people buy them because they saw that you had them and heard that you were happy with them, then sales increase. I know for sure that some people seemed quite interested in my headphones after speaking to me. If this isn't your style and you have kids, then buy some for your kids.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I am curious how the Crushers sound. I bought a pair of the Skullcrushers awhile ago and frankly they are garbage (gimmick with the b#$%$ boost). I'm sure the new Crushers are going to be more in line with the quality upgrading Skullcandy has done lately.

      I buy and have given out at least a dozen Skullcandy headphones from Mix-masters to Ink'd buds to SLYR and PLYR 2. Gaming sets. Christmas and as tips to people who do service work for me. I'm getting another tattoo (yes I have a few Skulls tatted on me but not the wimpy Skullcandy kind lol), I'm giving the guys at the tattoo shop a pair of Smokin buds and some up-rocks soon. Everyone loves them. I actually (Unfortunately) talked a few guys into buying shares via FaceBook social postings.

      I believe in the product... Beats and those other sets are for wannabe rich kid rappers. Skullcandy is better sound and durability and above all Bad #$%$! :).

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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