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  • valuepickpick valuepickpick Feb 28, 2013 4:58 PM Flag

    Shorts are smart, they are buying, why would onyone sell???

    If shorts are buying, knowing that the price is right, and they need many more shares, why would anyone sell??? The stock may double or tripple easily. It may go lower though for some time before big buyer shows up and knocks the the moon.

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    • I'm not condemning anyone's philosophy here, but I think that some of the bullish investors here at Skullcandy are trying a little too hard to decipher the unknowable. The main thing you should concern yourself with is weather or not you think that you are buying a good deal on a percentage of the company.

      In my opinion the current price is attractive.

      Trying to figure out what the "smart money" could, would, or should do is not knowable and it's irrelevant in my view.

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      • I heard many concerns on the board about options vested and dilution.
        What do you think about those options and how much they can dilute .
        My opinion is this company can turn out a money making mashine for somebody investing large in this company. Market cap is too low for such a company, making possibility for huge share price fluctuations. Appreciate your or onyone else's opinion.

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