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  • astral_tsar astral_tsar Mar 5, 2013 12:54 PM Flag

    Drug Users

    So many bears blowing out pot smoke here in the past 48 hours! I'm sort of fascinated by the degree of drug abuse taking place. Think I'll just step back and just watch for a while.

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    • I'm sure that redheadinvestor does not believe what he is posting. He is either trying to get out of a short before earnings or get in long before earnings. There is no reason to show up right before earnings to say that you have no position and will wait, but stay around to trash the company with lies over and over. Obviously he is a total liar and has an agenda. I'm not sure about this other fake loser long who is supporting redheadinvestor.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • One more snide remark at 'em though - - look how mad they are at the Seeking Alpha folks!

      • And ... I shouldn't be ungrateful towards shorts. There aren't a whole lot of other solid low-risk bargains out there in US stocks right now. Not a lot that I can find anyway. We owe this one to the shorts and to some degree we owe it to their noise machine. No question in my mind.

        Every time I've bought a heavily shorted stock, I've ended up with warm, friendly feelings towards the shorts in the end. No reason why they should feel like they have to pick my entry point to suddenly give up on a (so far) brilliantly executed job of poop & scoop.

      • Yeah, I agree. He knows better than to address the numbers. He just stays on-message no matter what, like a politican. Guidance is a 30%+ increase in income -- company "not out of business yet." Suddenly this place is #$%$ Central.

        It's hilariously unsubtle -- the intent is to frighten off anyone looking at the stock who can't read financial reports. But, meh ... if the people behind the sudden earnings-season chorus of negativity want to try and visit $4 on the way to $15, in the long run who cares? It's obviously not my first choice. Easiest psychologically is straight up to a reasonable valuation. But on the other hand $4 would be a really nice price to buy some more shares.

        I'll just watch, enjoy, and be careful not to inhale any second-hand smoke.

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