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  • astral_tsar astral_tsar Mar 7, 2013 9:21 AM Flag

    Joining the Crowd!

    I'm totally long this stock. But, although I have a lot of money in it, I am certain it will only ever go down. I hate this company and I hope the stock continues going down, because (although I'm not familiar with the numbers) I have to admit that the company is bad and stupid. It deserves to go down. I deserve to lose money for buying this stock. I'd feel dishonest if I sold now, when it's so obvious the stock is going down. Because then I'd be avoiding the further losses that I so rightly deserve.

    Although I'm long this stock -- which hopefully proves that I'm unbiased -- I have to admit that sales are totally stagnant. And although sales are growing very rapidly, income is stagnant. And although numbers and guidance so far indicate that income continues to grow rapidly, EPS is stagnant. Due to uncontrolled growth of shares outstanding. Yes, the growth in shares outstanding is simply a consequence of the 2011 IPO, not an ongoing problem. So rapidly growing income on the very stable post-IPO shares outstanding number *appears* somewhat possibly a bit of a silver lining for this ongoing inevitable disaster. But -- although I'm long -- I have to admit that the company can't get control of expenses. According to guidance, margins are deteriorating (despite improving margins). However, Q1 will be poor. Yes, Q1 is always around break-even because the company basically sells Christmas presents, but I don't want to focus on Q1. The poor Q1 performance -- on which I have no data or guidance -- indicates that 2013 is going to be bad.

    In conclusion, although I'm long and continuing to hold the stock, I expect to lose my entire investment.

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