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  • benshometownflooring benshometownflooring Mar 17, 2013 3:39 PM Flag

    What's the downside?

    This is what I believe to be true. 1. This company is trading at low valuation to it's historical self. 2. trading at low valuation to it's peers. 3. Last quarter SKUL beat revenues handily. 3.5 The short term forecast is already out in the open, to lose .25-.30 1st. Q 4. They have a new product launching in April that has a nice price point if the quality is what it is advertised to be. 5. There is a significant short holding in this stock. 6. And there is always the outside possibility of a bid to purchase a decent company with responsible debt.
    So if a person were to invest in this company now, what is the worst that can happen? I don't see this company going bankrupt. So why is this not a good investment right now? I'm long but think I should be longer.

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    • valpoker500 Mar 17, 2013 5:55 PM Flag

      .BENshometowflooring.please tell us when is exact day for the new skulcandy product in april????????chart dont look to nice ,but the logic saying buy it and relax it should be back at 6 bucks very soon..

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    • I'm long but there are reasons I am not all in at these levels.

      1. Short term the chart looks bad and there is no momentum. Since earnings it has not been able to have a high, higher then the previous trading day.

      2. Competition, my Galaxy s3 came with pretty good headphones, the Iphone 5 had okay headphones better then what use to just come with a phone. I mention these 2phones because they are the most popular phones and these are your modern day MP3 players now.

      3. Gaming might end up being a loss. Skullcandy headsets have not had good reviews and Turtle Beach is well known in that sector.

      The price is cheap and alot of bad news is already in the stock price. They are trying to turn around the company but there is a chance they fail at it.

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