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  • valueinvesting123 valueinvesting123 Sep 24, 2013 8:15 PM Flag

    Technical Analysis

    Does anybody want to talk about the actual company Skullcandy and not just its stock chart?

    These recent big up swings are what most long investors have been anticipating for a long time but in two days from now it could all be erased. It is possible that just about any institutional investor could severely move the stock price. SKUL trades just 300,000 shares on average between $5-$6, which equates to about $1.5-$1.8MM worth of SKUL being traded daily. This number is very tiny compared to other companies. Any large investor looking to acquire a 1% stack in a short time frame would be biding themselves up as they tried to buy more.

    If this stock movement is simply one whale and some day traders than there is no real fundamental change in the company and the shares will fall back down once they are finished. We will have to wait and see

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    • It would be great to talk about the actual company.. The problem is that there simply is not any new, relevant information. This company is quite tight lipped about how it is going about it's turnaround and return to glory..
      All we have is speculation concerning recent interest in the stock. Yes, it theoretically could go down as it just recently went up. It just seems unlikely that such huge volume is without a cause.. And I doubt that their intention was to buy 10M worth of stock and then watch it go back to 4.90 a share..

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      • All true Ben... 3 back to back to back high volume days (2-5X average daily). I'm not the "chartist" of some, but I can see some of what OP and RS are saying. You can see even short range on the charts lately the column and it's "manipulation" of price. Spikes up (and down) and the "accumulation" over the long term or "trading range". Not that I can put a formula to it, but it does make sense.

        I am waiting for a big announcement (well you know the SKUL way), a FaceBook unavailing of new products. I am also waiting for a "revamp" of SKUL products at BBY for the Holidays which was eluded to by the Raymond James upgrade.

        There is however, no doubt in my mind, that SKUL has made deep inroads into the gaming market, cut costs and is at least "promising" a refresh, move out of obsolete inventory and release of of new products before the holidays.

        And yes, I have thrown some theories out on possible "changes" that may be coming soon. I believe there is some internal "conflicting interests" on the turnaround (which seems to be in place) and potentially selling out or going private etc. etc. etc.

        Anyway you slice it, someone (or group of people, institutions, funds) is/are in accumulating a position here with the floor now being set in the Mid 6's (I know OP the "ice is 5.84)....

        It looks like a nice ride to come (up until Earnings Call or speculation be it a "change in ownership)....

        I still am baffled why no one is writing ANYTHING in the media - there has been a 10+% rise in price the last 3 days...

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