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  • onepoint272 onepoint272 Oct 2, 2013 12:04 PM Flag

    Just a swinging

    Okay took some bread at 6.62 and looking to renter....I suppose they won't make this's crazy bullish.

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    • guess they are making it easy to re-enter.

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      • Thursday Oct 3rd, 2013:

        Yes Ben, but no stopping action yet on the daily. The daily stick closed on the LOD just above the Demand Line ($6.10).

        Yesterday at the supply line, the CM let it go down and sheep slowly sold it down most of yesterday and today.

        But the last 3 hours of today the CM was back in the game buying. Well buying and selling, but NET buying (accumulating) in a very tight range between 6.13 and 6.17. You see he couldn't let it go down to 6.10, the demand line, or the sheep would jump in and compete with hm. And he couldn't let it bounce or the sheep would come in and the price would get away from him before he is fully accumulated. So, he has to keep the price contained and he has to buy a little at a time so the sheep don't realize what is happening.

        Since the last 3 hours was probably not enough cause for the CM to ready, I suspect tomorrow he will LET it go down. He would do that for 2 reasons. 1) to scare and scatter the flock, run the stops and pick up cheap shares and 2) to test / gage the supply.

        So, I think he will put the big scare on yet and make it hard to buy. That is bullish though. Since the CM does not want the sheep buying down here. He wants them buying at the top of the range as I've previously explained (sheep in at the top won't take profits when he attempts to jump it over the $6.68 creek.)

    • It tested the 6.68 high and will likely close under it today, but the volume is already more so it will be back up there. It wants to test the March 7th high eventually. I'm waiting for an intraday setup to re-enter.

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