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  • benshometownflooring benshometownflooring Nov 24, 2013 9:49 PM Flag

    This is revolutionary product!

    I just recieved my wireless bluetooth earbuds which I ordered from Outdoor Technology. I have been waiting for their arrival since last week like a young child waits for Christmas presents. Well, I opened them. paired them to my droid phone in about 15 seconds. And then I put them in my ears and played Eminem, "I'm not afraid". The music came delightfully to my ears in a very acceptable quality. Not bose or Skullcany great. But very acceptable. And here's what happened next. I've got my phone in my hand and I start to move around the room a little bit. Still great. So I set the phone down on my desk and took a few steps back and instinctively waited for that feeling I've had a thousand times over the last 37 years. That is the feeling of having earbuds/earphones so unpleasantly yanked out of my ears and off my head beacuse of cord which is (was) needed to connect the two.. It is absolutely freaking amazing how our bodies have been conditioned to try and keep that phone or ipod or walkman within the appropriate distance so as not to pull the phones off our heads. Just for fun, as I listened to another song, i tossed my phone over and onto the couch and as I did that, my head instinctively twitched in the direction of the couch as well. ( I think this was to lessen the ear trauma which was anticipated as the imaginary slack in the cord was all used up.) But it never happened. I felt like this: Do you remember the first time you ever went swimming naked. You know, the skinney dip! You were in the water swimming which you have done many, many times before. But this time you have no suit on. It feels weird,but you like it. It is amazingly freeing.. No more being confined to three and a half feet from the device. Unbelieveable. Just 37 short years and they did it.

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