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  • bad11092002 bad11092002 Jan 10, 2014 6:02 PM Flag

    Iam going for the trifecta.........

    Iam NOT posting this to brag or to say Iam an investment guru , rather Iam a person who spends hours upon hours researching companies and doing my homework before investing in them. Been doing this for 30 plus years. Have had some huge winners and some duds just like everyone has. My last three purchases I have made ( bought these 1 month ago) have been oramed, kandi ( both up huge especially oramed) and skullcandy. The first two I've done rather well and skullcandy has been a nice gain also. My first two picks are very risky but I could easily 5x my money in them (almost have done that with oramed in one month) . However skullcandy is the stock Iam most excited about. This may take longer to soar higher than the other two stocks but it's long term potential is huge. This will end up being a classic turn around story in the next few years. The new leader of the company in my opinion is brilliant. I see no reason why within 3 years skullcandy cànt earn over 1.00 per share annually and trade over 20 or 30 per share. Iam thinking about selling my stake in oramed to buy even more skullcandy ( wanted to get in intrexon a week ago but didn't pull the trigger.....damn it's too late now with nice runup last few days.... Their CEO Kirk is outstanding) . Watch the presentation skullcandy leadership gives on Monday..... Will make you understand why Iam so high on this company. Wishing all good luck here..... This is what a turnaround story is all about!

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    • Rock on with your bad self! Very nicely put and love the enthusiasm. Totally agree that Mondays presentation will be "enlightening". I just hope people who have faith in Hoby and the turnaround (like yourself) loaded up on shares on this dip and at least get in Monday morning. Havering said that, this is a long term investment (as you said), but I think price we will be ramping up throughout 2014 and into 2015. The 1.00 a share is within reach soon as is 300 million in revenue. This is an exciting time for long investors in the stock, some of us who have endured much pain last Falll and into this year. Let us know anything you can share in your research .

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      • Hoby will knock it out of the ballpark Monday...... This guy knows what he is doing. I very rarely invest in turnaround stories but this is way to compelling of a story to ignore. I've recently went to several stored in my area and talked to the people working in electronics. VERY positive feedback on skullcandy especially crushers. Beats is the number one seller but most crushers over the past month has been really selling well. I was also happy to hear from my store visits that a majority of salespeople prefer crushers over beats ( just as good and cheaper ) is what they tell me. Hoby will shine Monday and the next two years will be a massive turnaround story!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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