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  • benshometownflooring benshometownflooring Feb 5, 2014 4:52 PM Flag

    Loss on low volume, who cares

    Again we are in the hum drum stages of holding a value stock. Interesting that we had that nice big gain on Jan. 30th for no apparent reason. About seven months ago I posted, What is the down side to owning this stock at the price of $5.30 if I recollect corectly. I would offer the same argument today at $7.20. I've grown comfortable with the new staff and that pre-Christmas upgrade has me feeling like we are moving the correct direction. The thing is this, If I don't hear Hoby start talking more about wireless and Bluetooth on the next call, I will cash in my chips and move on. There is no doubt that the next decade of headphones, ear buds and home speaker systems are going wireless. If they are not going to get into this game (more agressively)then good luck to them. If they don't recognize a paradigm shift when it is occurring than I'll invest in someone that does.

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    • Did you get the Astro A38s? They are great.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • Did not get the Astro product. Truth is that I am significantly above the mean age for gaming involvement. But I am glad that under the Skul umbrella, there is a wireless option for gaming. I just can't understand why they are so far behind in wireless earbuds. It seems like the whole world is living under a rock by still having "plugged in" earbuds. I only discovered them myself about 3-4 months ago. I bought a pair of "tags" by Outdoor Tech and I absolutely love the unplugged freedom. Yes, the battery life could be longer but the sound is adequate and they charge super fast. I'm a flooring installer and love to listen to music while I work without the customer hearing my tunes. If skul doesnt come out with some soon, I might just buy a second pair from Outdoor so I can keep one charged while I listen to the other. Also I am a runner and the unplugged version is undeniably a game changer. Will never run with a cord attached to my phone again.
        I'm glad you like the Astro phones. but just remember this,gaming is a niche market(a big niche) but high end gaming is not so big. I'm looking for paradigm shift innovations that will substantially change the consumers buying choices. (like the air raid) Just wish Hoby would steer skul more into the mainstream and stop limiting himself to the irreverent crowd. Homeowners spend money too. (home audio, docking stations etc.)

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