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  • mary5connelly59 mary5connelly59 Mar 7, 2014 4:58 PM Flag

    Major overreaction - back to $7

    Outlook is a joke. Full year 2014 no better than the quarter just completed?

    This market is filled with novices who will be burned when this comes crashing back to Earth. Funny how bad news is good news these days. That will come to an end at some point.

    But regardless, SKUL is wildly overvalued/overbought. Definitely back to $8s next week, slide into $7s in the weeks afterwards. Sure, you'll be able to trade the dead cat bounces (again), but it's going to trend back down again.

    Congrats to those who had iron stomachs from the high $4s and $5s - you did good. Take your profits and be happy!

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    • you r clearly the novice. the stock traded 13 million shares. whats wrong with u. u need help with market sediment and probably other life issues

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      • Hey, I know you. Don't let em get to you Forgetabout. Knowing your style of communication, I perceive that you think it is eventually going higher. I agree of course, but think i tt will be a while least another 12 weeks, a quarter, before it lifts back off the bottom. It is basically done until then. I am short yes, but I'm not trying to sh-t ya. A stop under today's low would be prudent.

      • market "sediment"?

        what does that mean jerky - the market is muddy? what country u from? high school dropout? cannot believe I'm even wasting my time responding to an Average Joe like yourself who is nothing more than a pumper..."oooo, look 13 million shares tradeded" - you have lots to learn.

        actually, it appears you are the novice needing help with market sentiment - you were played for a fool. you need to learn about market psychology so you can understand why you will be watching your money disappear over the next few weeks.

        considering how you posted what you did, it would appear that you are the one with other life issues.

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